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The enigmatic ninja referred to as Woman Butterfly is among the many bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This mysterious opponent is an acquaintance of The Wolf’s mentor, The Owl, and has unfinished enterprise with you. She could be discovered inside the Hirata Property.

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Woman ButterflyLocation Hirata EstateDeathblows to defeat 2
Drops Reminiscence: Woman Butterfly,

Sakura Droplet

Weak point Shurikens (when within the air)

A nimble and agile outdated lady discovered within the secret hideout of the Hirata Property. She wields many Kunai she’ll throw and assault you with, in addition to a number of illusions.

There’s not too some ways to strategy Woman Butterfly as she is a full fledged boss. She’s going to confront you in a hidden temple beneath the Hirata Property’s Viewers Chamber, previous the Fundamental Corridor guarded by Juzou the Drunkard, so your solely recourse is to face her head on.

Be aware that you will want the Hidden Temple Key to achieve entry to Woman Butterfly. If you happen to missed it, head up the Bamboo Thicket Slope space previous the Shinobi Hunter Mini-Boss, and observe the trail up and throughout a bridge to a part of the burning property, the place a personality provides you with the important thing earlier than dying.

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Woman Butterfly seems to have however one well being bar, however an immense price of posture restoration. Due to this, you’re going to need to prioritize decreasing her well being till you see her posture bar flip crimson – permitting you to deal posture harm that gained’t regenerate.
In battle, Woman Butterfly is a slippery opponent, she will unfastened a salvo of kunai at you from a distance in many alternative methods. If she prices up, she’ll unload a number of bursts whereas dashing forwards and backwards across the room earlier than getting extraordinarily shut for a melee assault.

She’ll additionally make use of invisible wires as platforms to leap between, typically earlier than throwing Kunai, or leaping all the way down to assault – together with a deadly leg seize strike from above that can deal main harm. When in shut vary, she’ll alternate between knife strikes and a number of kicks that may finish with a robust downward axe kick that may deal plenty of posture harm (she will additionally do that from the air). Additionally watch out for a working perilous sweep assault – however it may be jumped over.

Given Woman Butterfly’s knack for hopping round within the air, you’ll be able to cancel her flight with well-timed shuriken assaults that deal harm and posture, and if she isn’t in a position to block them (particularly when leaping or getting ready a deadly assault) she’ll instantly crash to the bottom and turn out to be susceptible.
As soon as her well being has fallen to not less than midway, it’s time to rack up that posture harm, and shut her down with shuriken each time she takes off. You should definitely precisely block by way of her shut vary strikes after which apply a few of your personal, and he or she’ll quickly fall to a Deathblow.

Nevertheless this isn’t the top of Woman Butterfly. As you have been warned earlier, she employs phantasm methods, and her physique will vanish as a number of small shadowy creatures seem on all sides with varied weapons – together with spears that may stab with perilous strikes.
At this level, partaking them isn’t a lot value it – so you’ve got two choices: Run and keep away from them in any respect prices (whereas additionally anticipating her kunai projectiles), or use a Snap Seed to right away dispel these round you. Sadly, you might not have many Snap Seeds to work with, apart from the one given to you earlier. If you happen to’ve explored Ashina Outskirts, yow will discover 5 extra within the valley with the Nice Serpent.

After a short time, Woman Butterfly will snap her fingers and dispel the spirits into butterflies that can all collect above en masse earlier than flying down at you – so begin sprinting across the room to keep away from them. After this, you can begin partaking her for spherical two.

This time, she’ll summon small teams of blazing butterflies earlier than a lot of her assaults that can shoot out in the direction of you want projectiles, that means you’ve got a brand new risk to keep away from in any respect prices whereas additionally discovering opening to strike. Ensure that to dodge the salvos first earlier than attempting to counter assault. Shuriken assaults nonetheless work whereas she jumps round – however beware, as a result of she’ll routinely carry again the illusions to hang-out you on occasion. She additionally will put together a for much longer kicking combo assault that may be tough to dam successfully, however can rack up posture harm if you happen to can time many of the deflections. This assault at all times ends with a sweeping strike, so be prepared to leap ahead and down on her to deal much more posture harm.

Take your time with this battle, and don’t fear about letting her posture reset early when the illusions are available in – you’ll have your likelihood to make it stick when she will get decrease on well being, after which capitalize with shuriken pictures when she tries to leap within the air.
When she lastly loses all of her posture a ultimate time, go for the Deathblow, and observe up with a Shinobi Execution to defeat Woman Butterfly. This can earn you the Reminiscence: Woman Butterfly, in addition to a Sakura Droplet that can provide you one further resurrection, nevertheless it seems solely the younger lord can put it to use.

Woman Butterfly looks as if a simple sufficient boss as you enter the sector. She initially has one bar of posture to defeat and get the deathblow. However in pure Soulsborne vogue, loss of life isn’t the top of this combat for Woman Butterfly, and he or she comes again from the grave for spherical two with some new strikes. She additionally makes use of illusions in varied methods, each for wires to face on and get above the participant, and in a really particular means in Section 2.

Let’s get by way of the primary part earlier than we go over all that:

Section 1[edit]

Woman butterfly assaults each at an extended vary and up shut utilizing bladed kunai in her fingers. Distant she’ll throw kunai at you in a number of variations however all are blockable at the price of posture. Up shut she makes use of a flurry of arm swings and kicks to try to get you off guard. There’s a 3 assault combo that she’ll use on this part and in addition part 2 that you need to look out for as a chance to punish Woman Butterfly. It begins with a single swing of the appropriate hand, and is adopted by a left and swing after which a downward kick. This combo is straightforward to acknowledge and leaves her open on the finish to get some hits in on her vitality.


Swing-Swing-Downward kick – This assault can be your bread and butter on this combat. Parry these after which punish on the end6 Kunai single throwRetreat again and a couple of kunai throwRoundhouse duel kick and spin kunai – 4 assaults whole. Two kicks adopted by a spin transfer that makes use of two kunai attacksAir retreat with duel three kunai – she’ll retreat onto an phantasm wire, firing two units of three kunai.Single kunai swing

Perilous Assaults:

Wire air launch seize – She’s going to retreat to a wire earlier than launching into the air towards you. Dodge by way of it and to the left to keep away from this devastating assault

Section 2[edit]

In Section 2 Woman Butterfly takes all of the assaults you have been dealing with within the final spherical, and provides a couple of tips to the battle. Particularly, she begins to make use of illusions on you. As she assaults you she will conjure white butterfly projectiles that can float towards you and interrupt your block or assaults.

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Together with this new added layer, with a snap of her fingers, she’ll insert illusions of individuals onto the battlefield with weapons that may harm you. You possibly can take care of this through the use of a snap seed to rid of close by phantoms, are a single hit to every will take away them out of your sight. Finally, the remaining phantoms on the bottom get introduced up into the air and can retarget you as butterfly illusions as an alternative. These could be blocked however do a considerable amount of posture harm. We advocate standing behind one of many pillars lengthy sufficient for all the sunshine vitality to hit that as an alternative of you after which re-entering the fray with Woman Butterfly. Proceed parrying and punishing that three assault combo and you need to take her out.



Genichiro Ashina – Genichiro, Manner of Tomoe


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