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In Timespinner, the participant steps into the sneakers of Lunais, a younger girl in a nomadic society that trains gifted magical youth like her as Time Messengers – individuals ready to be flung again in time to warn of risks to the clan. The spacefaring Lachiemi empire has turn into one such hazard, and is obsessive about possessing the titular Timespinner. The sport opens at Lunais’ birthday celebration, which is inevitably crashed by Emperor Nuvius himself – sans invite, avec dying squad – and Lunais barely makes it to the Timespinner earlier than it’s destroyed, her mom killed as a parting shot.

Solely, the Timespinner doesn’t ship you into the previous – it sends you to Lachiem itself. With Lunais vowing revenge in opposition to Nuvius and progressively studying extra about Lachiem within the current and at an necessary second in its historic historical past, Timespinner goes in some attention-grabbing instructions with how Lunais’ revenge could take kind.

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In Timespinner, the storytelling prospects of the Metroidvania format are used intelligently by the small group at developer Lunar Ray Video games. Time journey is, in any case, the final word type of backtracking, and the big interconnected world map beneficial properties an additional sense of place when it may be visited at totally different factors in historical past. The sport’s dense and well-realised backstory is properly largely stored to collectable paperwork, downloads and reminiscences, however completionists will get pleasure from monitoring down, studying and immersing themselves within the supplies on supply.

Non-compulsory sidequests, in the meantime, concentrate on the evolving relationships of a small group of troopers you slowly assemble by exploration, placing a human face on a planet that you just don’t really go to throughout the course of the sport, including to a way of a fictional creation bigger than its ranges.

Maybe most commendably, you get the sensation that a lesser Metroidvania would have taken Timespinner’s ‘two time interval’ gimmick and served Castlevania and Metroid settings with little to no alteration. Whereas it’s true that Lachiem’s previous has the castles and its current has labs stuffed with scientific abominations, the originality of the story retains the video games from veering too far down both well-trodden path. The improbable pixel art work seals the deal, with the cities of Lachiem’s current given a extra ‘decopunk’ really feel, and places and enemies from each eras reoccurring in visually distinct however linked methods.

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Given the time journey premise, there are just a few totally different endings on supply right here, however you’ll have to discover the world comparatively completely to go down all obtainable paths. In the meantime, should you’re simply right here for the motion and platforming, the necessities of the story are unobtrusively advised by brief cutscenes and the world stuffed with sufficient attention-grabbing gameplay areas and power-ups to maintain you equally entertained. Gamers who prefer to discover story-driven video games with a less-skilled participant two in tow might also have an interest to listen to that a second participant will help out in fight by taking management of one in every of Lunais’ cute familiars.

Lunais fights with a pair of levitating orbs, and there’s important curiosity to be present in mixing, matching, and levelling-up the totally different orb sorts you uncover by your journey. Every has a special related magic assault tapped out with ‘Y’, however the actual enjoyable comes with the cost assaults on ‘A’ (unlocked by crafting a corresponding ring, and costing ‘aura’ to execute). Getting actual use out of all of them is more likely to take gamers a number of playthroughs, however there are some actual treats on supply – large magical blades, moon shard shotguns and ‘horizontal lasers of electrical destruction’, each one in every of them touchdown with a satisfying punch.

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The platforming components are maybe the place Timespinner doesn’t fairly push boldly sufficient into new territory. Lunais has a Symphony of the Night time-style again sprint on ‘L’, and rapidly acquires a swish pirouetting double soar harking back to numerous different video games. Later additions assist you to frictionlessly glide throughout the ground to make longer jumps, or to fly skywards like a rocket – all strikes that had been enjoyable in different motion platformers and enjoyable right here, however probably a limiting consider how the sport is formed.

Most tellingly, the power to freeze time (with ‘X’), the one factor that ought to certainly be Timespinner’s centrepiece mechanic, feels vastly underutilised. There are a handful of areas the place progress requires you to freeze time to hop on an enemy or object, and there are fewer situations the place freezing time will get you previous harmful, fast-moving obstacles.

Whereas the time-freezing mechanic additionally provides you some headspace in a busy boss struggle and lets you soar over bigger enemies, the promise of this characteristic evolving in new and attention-grabbing methods in both platforming or fight phrases isn’t realised. Certainly, with the participant’s energy stage trending a bit too excessive by the tip of the sport, flailing-thumbed customers of the Pleasure-Con’s tiny buttons could discover themselves freezing time unintentionally extra usually than deliberately.

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Although a very thorough 100 p.c run could take round 10 hours and exploring isn’t uninteresting, it is a tackle Metroidvania that lacks any excessive skill-ceiling collectables (assume the shinespark gauntlets of the whole lot Tremendous Metroid onwards). Apart from some sometimes obtuse destructible wall puzzles, style veterans are unlikely to search out monitoring down each final collectable significantly tough. This mentioned, there’s larger scope for problem within the fight – there’s an non-compulsory problem dungeon, and an unlockable nightmare issue mode that makes use of the time freeze extra of a necessity for survival.

Timespinner’s solely actual weak spot is that it’s merely nice; it is a style that’s significantly nicely represented on Change, in any case, and there are many different choices that play a bit stronger in sure respects, or work in several visible kinds that will attraction to you extra. Nevertheless, Timespinner’s well-executed story, frenetic fight system and authentic-feeling early 32-bit pixel artwork imply that the job of these writing ‘Greatest Change Metroidvania’ lists isn’t getting any simpler.


Beautiful to behold and equally pleasant to play, Timespinner is yet one more top-notch Metroidvania on Change. A scarcity of powerful exploration challenges and an under-utilised time-freeze gimmick apart, it succeeds in utilizing the favored style as a automobile for a genuinely intriguing science-fantasy story that can encourage gamers to discover each inch of its improbable pixel-art world.

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