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This web page takes you thru the stronghold at Tidal Basin to stop the missile launch. That is the stronghold added within the 1.5 patch in The Division 2.

You may should be World Tier four to play this stronghold and as such all enemies will likely be at that problem. This stronghold is required to succeed in World Tier 5.

Head south of the White Home and barely to the left on the map to get to the Tidal Basin. For those who’ve approached from the protected home you will have to overshoot it, previous the massive pillars to a ship in a sunken piece of land to get into the tunnel.

Detonate The Explosives[edit]

Comply with it down and head to the tip of this space and thru the damaged door. Then go up the steps and proper to the again of this room. You may discover explosives beneath two horizontal operating crimson pipes.

You must be capable to detonate the explosives by interacting with them. If there isn’t any choice to you may need to restart your sport to repair this bug. Then step again to keep away from taking any injury and make your manner by means of the opening within the wall as soon as it is protected to take action.

Safe the Space[edit]

As quickly as you are out into the open you will wish to take cowl as there are just a few enemies on this space, alerted to your entrance. This may embody a purple tier robotic.

Watch out to not get too near the southern facet of the map as there are hearth lasers that may lock onto you. As soon as you’ve got cleared out all of the enemies you may exit the world utilizing a change by the gate.

Head by means of to return to an space being excavated with yellow equipment. A lot of the enemies are on the opposite facet of this dugout space in between you so it is good to have a long-range weapon useful to take them out. A helicopter will drop off new enemies mid-fight. Take all of them out and cross the ditch to maneuver foward.

Safe the Comms Space[edit]

When you make it by means of these doorways take cowl instantly as soon as extra as there are extra turrets. This time you will have to take it out by capturing the yellow panel.

There are different enemies round too, so be sure that to remain in cowl always or you can be overrun. Attempt to prioritise the turret as it might probably do a variety of injury shortly.

Then go contained in the constructing and work together with the laptop computer earlier than heading again outdoors and exiting by means of the gate into the following space the place yow will discover restock crates off to the left.

Safe the Heliport[edit]

You must spill out into an space with a number of helicopters. You could have the peak benefit so it is a good suggestion to remain considerably put whilst you can.

Right here it’s good to destroy the three helicopters in addition to kill the enemies. Attempt to use the explosive barrels to assist with the primary and closest helicopter, then shoot the remaining till they explode.

As soon as they’re all accomplished, undergo the small doorways on the constructing to the left of the far gate to get out to the following space and one other restock crate. 

Disable Defenses[edit]

Push the button to get to this subsequent part the place you will as soon as once more discover each enemies and turrets.

The Turrets are positioned in such a manner that it is best to attempt to not push too far ahead earlier than taking every one out by capturing the yellow space as soon as extra. It is also a good suggestion to essentially use cowl at any time when attainable as a result of they will come at you from many various angles.

As soon as they’re down, head into the constructing and upstairs to get to a laptop computer. Utilizing this laptop computer will trigger reinforces to converge in your place so you will have to defend the world till they cease attacking whereas the gate overrides.

Earlier than you permit this space, you may restock by the water (and get view of the satellites). Then undergo the door into the constructing subsequent to the gate to return out the opposite facet and maintain transferring.

Intercept the Antiviral[edit]

On this subsequent space, you will not solely discover enemies however you will have to maintain pushing ahead to destroy the Warhound Convoy carrying the antiviral. Prioritise taking it out so you may give attention to the enemies after the target is full.

A heavy miniboss with a Gatling gun will come out throughout this combat so maintain your distance and canopy to be protected when he does so. As soon as the combat is received, go to the useless Warhound and Name close by allies to allow them to know the place to choose up the cylinder. 

Now head round and observe the waypoint out the following gate. Then restock earlier than climbing up the yellow tarped packing containers and bounce over to the following part. 

Intercept the second Antiviral Cylinder[edit]

The primary a part of that is making your manner down a rode part as you are taking out enemies. You will get some hight when you climb up on the crates to your proper.

Then transfer to the tip and left and round to the place it opens up a bit extra. There is a mounted gun right here so watch out if it is manned, or you may select to make use of it.

Transfer ahead and as much as the suitable and it is best to see one other Warhound convoy earlier than the closed gate. Destroy it and sign such as you did for the earlier one, then push the button to the suitable of the gate to maneuver ahead and watch your pleasant helicopter crash.

Safe the hovercraft[edit]

Go across the grime path to the left after restocking and loop round to combat your manner into the Hovercraft.

Inside there are few enemies normally within the upstairs areas so watch out as you progress ahead. Then head out the exit to the again of the room. 

On this again room it’s good to enter a code to the door to your left, then exit out the 2 doorways to your proper. You may be outdoors now however elevated. Soar over the crates and transfer ahead to the tip the place two enemies will drop down. Take them out and return inside by the door to your proper. 

In right here you may restock earlier than heading out the door on the opposite facet of the room. You may be outdoors once more and it’s good to climbup the ladders to get again in at a better stage. 

Right here you’ve got reached the No Respawn Zone so when you die you will reappear again at this level. Work together with the computer systems by the shuttered home windows to begin the ultimate battle in opposition to Wyvern. 

Stop the Launch[edit]

This battle has a number of phases to it. There’ll nearly all the time be enemies to be careful for thus keep in cowl as a lot as attainable.

First, it’s good to destroy the three turbines on the far finish of the room. You achieve this by capturing the yellow elements. The primary you may attain from the place you exit however the different two would require you to get at them from completely different angles. Then take out the remainder of the enemies on this wave.

Extra will drop from helicopters together with a yellow armoured heavy.

Now, it’s good to destroy the rocket launcher. There is a yellow panel on the again up beneath the tail that it’s good to destroy.

Then head to the entrance to search out one other yellow panel considerably hidden beneath the principle arm. Each should be shot to destroy the unit.

Wyvern will lastly seem however you may’t kill her but. She has three exclamation factors above her head which imply she’s invulnerable.

As a substitute, give attention to disabling the rocket launchers the identical manner you probably did the primary one. Watch out as there will likely be loads of common enemies in addition to Wyvern who can do a tonne of injury together with her sniper.

As soon as they’re down you’ll begin damaging Wyvern however once more watch out as she continues to be harmful and so are the various different enemies.

As soon as Wyvern is down, you may sign for extraction triggering the tip of the mission. You may routinely progress to World Tier 5 one minute after doing so.


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