This Sashimi Artist On Instagram Makes The Most Unbelievable Creations

“You could possibly say that I unintentionally stumbled upon the concept of my sashimi artwork after I tried utilizing totally different sorts of fish to recreate the crane association that usually solely makes use of thinly sliced fugu,” he mentioned.

“It is very easy to get recent seafood Matsuyama,” Mikyou mentioned. “So my household and I typically eat sashimi, and we’re fairly choosy in regards to the taste.”

“Consequently, I normally do a number of preparation earlier than I make the sashimi artwork in order that I can organize it as shortly as attainable after slicing,” he added.

“I used to take pleasure in watching my youthful son get embarrassed and upset after I would create one thing too fairly,” he mentioned. “However at this level, they hardly react to my creations. They only quietly eat them up.”

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