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After finishing the [Walkthrough Main Campaign], i.e accumulating all 5 Dream Gems, post-game choices open up. This contains the Hidden Hills. You will have a complete of 140 Flowers to finish the Hidden Hills and thus full all the degrees within the sport. For 317 extra Flowers you get one thing further from Blockafeller. 

Hidden Hills From Above.jpg

Nevertheless, not every thing is robotically open for you. Under are the necessities for unlocking the top sport extras.

Notice: The hidden hills embrace a secret boss battle and an additional prize for giving Blockafeller 317 Flowers. If you don’t want this spoiled don’t proceed studying. 

Unlocking the Hidden Hills Ranges[edit]

Tough Rolling prices 30 Flowers to unlock.

30 to start Hidden.jpg

Underneath Siege prices one other 30 Flowers to unlock.

30 for next.jpg

Floppin’ and Poppin’ prices yet one more 30 Flowers to unlock.

30 for 3rd.jpg

Kamek Kerfuffle is the boss battle stage this world ends with and prices 50 Flowers to unlock. 

50 for Kamek.jpg

After defeating Kamek, congratulations are so as. All programs have been cleared!


Nonetheless, you can provide 317 Flowers to the Blockafeller Brother exterior of Kamek’s Fort for much more completionist clout. Your reward is the Sundream Stone Costume.

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