The 25 Craziest Finishers in Mortal Kombat Historical past


Why does the cyborg flip right into a shark?!

Mortal Kombat 11 is simply across the nook, and it’s already proven us a number of the nastiest, most brutal fatalities we’ve ever seen. However brutality isn’t every thing. All through the historical past of mortal fight, there have been loads of Fatalities, Friendships, Animalities and extra that weren’t afraid to get bizarre with it. From the bizarrely grotesque to the gruesomely weird, listed below are our picks for the 25 craziest ending strikes in MK historical past.

Spoiler alert: There’s a number of MK three in right here. That recreation was wacky.

25. Mortal Kombat three – Reptile – Fatality

Even setting apart the truth that with a view to swallow his prey, Reptile’s head expands by about 500%, the actual WTF?! of this finisher is the query of how can a person who’s head and vocal chords are presently being digested maintain screaming?! Or possibly it’s Reptile who’s screaming, although that begs the query why we haven’t seen his ventriloquist act but.

24. Mortal Kombat three – Kano – Fatality

Kano’s actual particular potential, it seems, is showmanship. Positive, you’ve seen folks get their spines torn out and their heads ripped off… however have you ever ever seen a person pull somebody’s complete skeleton out by means of their mouth?

23. Babalities

All of them. Positive, they’re an expert-level diss in your opponent, however they’re simply… tremendous bizarre.

22. Mortal Kombat three – Jade – Fatality

Jade should actually give attention to biceps and triceps, as a result of it takes a number of power to impale somebody then swipe them forwards and backwards so quick that not solely does their pores and skin get peeled off their bones by the sheer momentum she’s creating, however then additionally they explode.

 21. Mortal Kombat 2 – Liu Kang – Friendship

The idea of hanging a disco ball and dancing the evening away isn’t, in itself, that loopy. However it’s if you’ve simply pummeled somebody to inside an inch of their life and nobody is round to bounce with you.

20. MK: Lethal Alliance – Quan Chi – Fatality

That’s not how necks work, Quan Chi.

19. Mortal Kombat 2 – Mileena – Fatality

One other stellar instance of how Mortal Kombat is secretly essentially the most horrifying Looney Tune ever, Mileena devours her opponent like she’s sucking helium out of a balloon after which immediately spits out a pile of bones. The one factor lacking is the xylophone sound results and a belch.

18. Mortal Kombat 9 – Skarlet – Fatality

I can nearly excuse the entire “turning into blood” factor, however then the remainder is simply… nah.

17. Mortal Kombat three – Kabal – Animality

So the entire level of Animalities is that you just end your enemy by embodying the spirit of the animal which greatest represents you, proper? So what does it say about Kabal that his spirit beast is a freaking skeleton of a rhinoceros?

16. Mortal Kombat: Deception – Tayna – Hara Kiri

The entire idea of the Hara Kiri finishers within the first place is fairly grim, however Tanya’s is simply so… additional.

15. Mortal Kombat three – Kitana – Animality

This finisher was designed by somebody who learn means an excessive amount of Bunnicula as a child or actually liked Monty Python. Both means, it ensured that a bunch of us would by no means take a look at rabbits the identical means once more.

14. Mortal Kombat three – Mileena – Fatality

First, Mileena drinks what can solely be described as a paint can filled with thumbtacks, after which fires them at her opponent out of her mouth like a goddamned machine gun, solely offering additional proof that she is definitely an escapee from the ToonTown equal of Arkham Asylum.

13. Mortal Kombat three – Jade – Animality

Solely barely weirder than Kitana’s animality, Jade transforms herself into an lovely housecat after which assaults and shreds her opponent, Tazmanian Satan-style, till an explosion of bones and viscera fly in all totally different instructions. A part of me believes because of this I am extra of a canine individual.

12. Mortal Kombat 11 – Johnny Cage – Fatality

Leaning into the darkish humor of the franchise, MK 11’s Johnny Cage makes mild of his previous as a Hollywood star – by brutally injuring his opponent, take after take.

11. Mortal Kombat three – Jax – Fatality

There’s nothing in any MK lore to clarify it, however Jackson Briggs apparently has the power to go all Atom Smasher on his foes. It is one thing I actually hope they discover extra in MK 11.

10. MK: Deception – Liu Kang – Fatality

There are higher methods to suit right into a bodysuit, however apparently, Liu Kang would not know any of them.

09. Mortal Kombat three – Shang Tsung – Friendship

In what hopefully confirms the very best universe crossover in gaming, Shang Tsung turns into the miniature knight driving a tiny ostrich from the 1982 recreation Joust. Now we simply want the Ostrich Knight as DLC for MK11.

08. Mortal Kombat three – Cyrax – Animality

This one saved me up at evening as a child, and doubtless will once more now that I am excited about it. Why is Cyrax a shark? He is a cyborg, no a part of this is sensible. Why is Cyrax a shark, and the way does he swim by means of stable earth?!

07. Mortal Kombat 9 – Shang Tsung – Fatality

Stealing strikes straight from the Clown Prince of Crime himself, this finisher is an homage to the Joker’s ending transfer within the first MK vs DC recreation. It is also designed to torment people who find themselves petrified of clowns enjoying a recreation through which they’d don’t have any purpose in anyway to anticipate clowns to indicate up.

06. Mortal Kombat three – Liu Kang – Fatality

Liu Kang phases out of existence, summoning a MK 1 arcade cupboard to fall and crush his opponent. This raises so many questions. Are kombatants conscious that they are in a online game? Or does the online game simply star different folks of their world? Do they play it? Why does Cyrax flip right into a shark?!

05. Mortal Kombat three – Scorpion – Fatality

So many Scorpions. How and why he is capable of summon or manifest so many copies of himself is maybe past our mortal comprehension… however I do know that Multiplicity film would have been much more fascinating if it had been Scorpion as a substitute of Michael Keaton.

04. Mortal Kombat three – Nightwolf – Friendship

Once more with the arcade cupboards! However this time it is much more complicated, as a result of whereas nearly everybody else’s Friendship strikes someway mirror their character or talents, Nightwolf simply… turns into Raiden. Like… why? Can he shape-shift into anybody or simply the God of Thunder? Is that his means of claiming “I get to play Raiden” so he can spam the Torpedo? I imply, I get it, but it surely appears kinda low cost.

03. Mortal Kombat 2 – Raiden – Friendship

Raiden, what are you doing bringing a little one into this area of dying and destruction? Additionally the place did you get a toddler? Kidd Thunder is claimed to be “Raiden’s favourite nephew” in accordance with an outdated card recreation, however let’s be sincere – this was most likely simply added in to f**ok with us.

02. Mortal Kombat three – Scorpion – Animality

You’d assume that with a reputation like “Scorpion,” you’d know what was coming if you carried out the transfer that might flip him into an animal. However you’ll be improper. Very improper.

01. Mortal Kombat three – Smoke – Fatality

He blew up the entire world! Why would he do this?! He’d already received the struggle.

So there they’re – the craziest MK finishers we may discover. What’s your favourite? Did it make our checklist? Tell us within the feedback beneath, and for extra on Mortal Kombat, why not try each fatality we’ve seen for MK11 but, or get caught up on the story thus far.

Particular due to Life & Loss of life Dwell on YouTube for serving to us get footage of all of those ludicrous finishers!

JR is IGN’s Senior Options Editor, and misses the times when you may end an opponent by animorphing right into a T-Rex. He could whine about it on Twitter typically.

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