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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there are a couple of hidden doorways situated in varied areas which may result in secrets and techniques rooms and areas.

These are known as “Shinobi Shortcuts” by Lord Kuro, and can be utilized just by hugging the wall the place the revolving door is situated – and the Wolf will discover the spot to enter the brand new space simply by being towards the precise a part of the wall.

Oftentimes you could find worthwhile secrets and techniques by finding these secret doorways – however they don’t seem to be simple to search out. Beneath you’ll find all recognized places.

Location: Headless CaveLeads to: Senpou Temple – Bell Demon’s Temple

Although this door is clearly outlined, the placement of the shortcut itself might be tough to search out. After getting defeated the Chained Ogre within the Ashina Outskirts, head up into the subsequent courtyard the place a Samurai Common and his males are situated.

Sekiro Cave0.jpg

From right here, take a proper out the massive doorways to discover a small shrine and a warning be aware a few Headless. In the event you look behind the shrine you could find a tree to grapple to, after which soar right down to seize a cliff ledge to maneuver to a big cave under.

Sekiro Headless.jpg

On the backside of this cave is a Headless Mini-Boss that can’t be broken by regular means, and can sap your will to run. It is best to not have interaction this enemy till later when you could have higher instruments.

Run round behind it and look alongside the partitions for a small tunnel opening that results in a Shinobi Shortcut. It will take you all the way in which to the Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo area far sooner than it is best to usually have the ability to go to – however the spot is remoted from the remainder of the world attributable to a close-by locked door.

Sekiro BellRing.jpg

Head up the steps previous a Centipede enemy to discover a Sculptor’s Idol and a big bell with a be aware imploring you to to not ring the bell. In the event you accomplish that anyway, you may be cursed by a Bell Demon in your stock that may make foes harder, however improve rewards dropped.

If this appears like an excessive amount of hassle, you’ll be able to at all times “use” the Bell Demon in your stock to make it go away.

Location: Viewers ChamberLeads To: Secret Room

After defeating Juzou the Drunk and getting access to the primary Viewers Chamber within the property, search for a brief hallway on the left aspect the place to Bandits patrol, and the corridor abruptly ends after a left flip.

Hirata ShinobiDoor.jpg

Have a look at the wall on the finish of the passage with a portray and hug the wall to disclose a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door, which results in a secret room!

Inside listed below are many untouched spoils, together with a Mibu Balloon of Wealth and Gentle Coin Purse. Head down the corridor to the left to discover a room with Divine Confetti, and a big display on the opposite aspect of the room that hides a chest you’ll be able to open to discover a Prayer Bead!

Location: Higher Tower – Principal AntechamberLeads To: Secret Armory Room

After you achieve entrance to the Higher Tower via the Nightjar Ninja-infested rooftops, head into the primary antechamber room and search for a room on the aspect the place two Ashina Elite are wanting over a map of the world on the ground.

AshinaCastle ShinobiDoor.jpg

After defeating them, search for a small portrait between two fits of armor. Hug the wall the place the image hangs, and also you’ll reveal a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door – resulting in a small armory.

In right here you’ll be able to open a chest to uncover a Prayer Bead, and discover a Gentle Coin Purse subsequent to it – and by busting the close by display, you’ll be able to find a Heavy Coin Purse within the nook of the room.

LordKuro ShinobiDoor.jpg

After you defeat Lord Genichiro Ashina on the high of the Ashina Citadel Tower, you may be allowed downstairs to Lord Kuro’s room the place you may proceed your quest.

Whereas down right here, Lord Kuro might point out of a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door close by – and you may spot it simply between the stairway and the close by library space. By hugging the wall right here alongside the physique define – you could find a shortcut main all the way in which again to the Dilapidated Temple within the Ashina Outskirts.

Ashina Depths[edit]

Location: Head Priest’s Home Results in: Head Priest’s Home – Inside

Mibu SecretDoor1.jpg

After passing the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol and getting previous O’Rin of the Water – you may discover a path main as much as the boss of this area winds previous a big home with many Mibu Villagers praying out entrance – and the door is locked.

Mibu SecretDoor2.jpg

In the event you look across the entrance of the home, there is a crawlspace to get in below the home, however getting inside requires some ninja pondering. Angle the digital camera to see the floorboards of the home and search for the define of a physique alongside the underside of the home – and work together to flip up inside the home.

Inside you may discover the Head Priest that you would be able to converse to – in addition to discovering a couple of objects like Divine Confetti, a Crimson Lump, and a Prayer Bead within the attic. It’s also possible to discover across the constructing for Adamantium Scrap within the again, and a Heavy Coin Purse on the roof, in addition to a Gentle Coin Purse on the home throughout the river.


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