Second Sister and the Inquisitors Defined: Who Is the Most important Villain of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?


Even Darth Vader cannot remove the Jedi by himself.

The upcoming online game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will introduce Star Wars followers to a model new hero named Cal Kestis, one of many few Jedi to outlive the occasions of Revenge of the Sith. But it surely seems the sport’s fundamental villain is somebody we have met earlier than. Fallen Order will pit gamers towards Second Sister, a member of the Jedi-slaying order referred to as the Inquisitorius.

When you’re not acquainted with Second Sister and her fellow Inquisitors, here is every little thing it is advisable to learn about this department of the Star Wars mythos earlier than taking part in Fallen Order.

Warning: this text accommodates some spoilers for the primary two seasons of Star Wars Rebels!

The Inquisitors: The Fundamentals

There are solely ever two Sith Lords at a time, however that does not imply there cannot be greater than two evil Drive customers. Even Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader want some assist from time to time.

Whereas Palpatine was profitable in wiping out a lot of the Jedi Order with three easy phrases – “Execute Order 66” – some Jedi survived this betrayal and went into hiding. Palpatine shaped the Inquistorius shortly after the tip of the Clone Wars. These elite warriors have been tasked with looking down and eliminating any surviving Jedi. And as these Inquisitors have been as soon as Jedi themselves, there isn’t any yet another certified for that troublesome activity.


The Inquisitorius is led by the Grand Inquisitor, the strongest and deadliest of his order, with the remainder carrying titles of rank like Second Sister, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother. They’ve just one job, and enterprise is all the time booming.

The Inquisitors: Powers and Skills

The Inquisitors are sturdy within the Drive, as they’re all former Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters who fell to the Darkish Aspect for one purpose or one other. Their Darkish Aspect powers have been strengthened by way of coaching with Darth Vader. Vader drilled his minions in a lethal, offense-oriented combating model that exhibits little regard for cover or finesse. This makes them terrifying opponents, although their aggressive model leaves them susceptible to opponents expert sufficient to use its weaknesses.

Most members of the Inquisitorius wield an identical double-bladed purple lightsaber with a disc-shaped hilt. This saber can fold to turn into a single blade, and it may also be spun quick sufficient to permit the consumer to glide within the air. The Inquisitors additionally command elite legions of Purge Troopers. These clone troopers are skilled fighters and wield lightsaber-repelling staves much like these as soon as carried by Basic Grievous’ MagnaGuard droids.

The Inquisitors: Origin and Background

Whereas it was all the time assumed Darth Vader himself was liable for looking down and killing the Jedi who survived the Clone Wars, the animated sequence Star Wars Rebels confirmed in any other case. The sequence premiere introduces the Grand Inquisitor, a lethal hunter to whom Vader delegates the duty of killing rogue Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger. The sequence later reveals that the Grand Inquisitor is however one among a number of Jedi killers who reply to Vader himself. Apparently the Darkish Lord of the Sith is completely blissful delegating the soiled work to his minions.

The Grand Inquisitor serves as one of many fundamental villains of the primary season of Rebels, earlier than lastly being defeated in battle by the mixed may of Kanan and Ezra. Reasonably than slink away to his notoriously failure-averse boss, the Grand Inquisitor elects to commit suicide. The opposite members of the Inquisitorius turn into recurring antagonists in Rebels’ second season, with Vader utilizing them to seek out Kanan’s crew and his personal former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. A number of extra Inquisitors are killed in a climactic showdown within the Season 2 finale, with even Vader himself barely surviving his reunion with Ahsoka.

What grew to become of the Inquisitorius and its surviving members after that time is unclear, although their absence within the Unique Trilogy-era tales suggests they have been ultimately phased out or killed off fully. Nonetheless, the origins of the Inquisitorius have been later fleshed out in Marvel’s most up-to-date quantity of Star Wars: Darth Vader.

Set shortly after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Darth Vader exhibits a younger, inexperienced Vader first discovering the existence of Palpatine’s clandestine Jedi kill squad. Palpatine palms management of the Inquisitorius to his apprentice, and Vader wastes little time education his new minions within the true energy of the Darkish Aspect. He trains the Inquisitors to turn into even deadlier warriors. He accentuates their coaching by choosing a unique physique half to sever from every Inquisitor. Vader’s aim is to show them a lesson about ache and loss he himself is aware of all too properly.


The Grand Inquisitor each hates and respects Darth Vader. (Picture Credit score: Marvel Comics)

The Inquisitors play a outstanding function all through the sequence, each executing Vader’s orders and quietly scheming towards their new grasp. The sequence can also be notable for introducing a number of Inquisitors not seen in Rebels, together with Second Sister.

How Jedi: Fallen Order Suits In

After taking part in a minor function in Marvel’s Darth Vader sequence, Second Sister will go on to function the principle villain in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The story trailer for the sport exhibits former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis making an attempt to put low on a distant world. However after Kestis’ Jedi talents are revealed, Second Sister and her Purge Troopers are dispatched to hunt him down.

We all know that Fallen Order is ready after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith, lengthy sufficient for the Emperor to have established his legions of Purge Troopers (who’re nonetheless clones moderately than bizarre recruits like most Stormtroopers) and for Vader to have skilled Second Sister and her comrades. Precisely how a lot time has handed because the Jedi Purge stays to be seen. It is attainable the sport could have new perception to supply concerning the closing destiny of the Inquisitorius, although the story must enterprise fairly near the timeline of Episode IV. On the very least, the sport could clarify why Second Sister did not seem in Rebels, revealing that Cal both kills her or manages to carry her again to the Mild Aspect.

EA has teased that Cal’s distinctive lightsaber performs an essential function within the story, hinting that it might not have been initially constructed by Cal. It is attainable he is carrying an essential Jedi artifact. If that’s the case, Second Sister’s mission could also be as a lot about claiming the lightsaber and bringing it to Vader and Palpatine as it’s killing Cal.

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