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This web page will cowl a full record of each Pokemon obtainable in Gen eight’s Pokemon Sword and Defend. See under for an entire record of Pokemon revealed to this point for the Galar Area.

Each Gen eight Pokemon

This web page will finally function the Galar Regional Pokedex.

Sword and Defend Pokémon Record[edit]


Legendary Pokemon:

New Gen eight Pokemon:

All Different Pokémon Noticed So Far:


Pokemon Sword and Defend Starters[edit]

Under are particulars on all of the Pokemon Sword and Defend Starters.


Grookey: Gen eight’s Grass-type starter is described as “a mischievous Pokémon stuffed with boundless curiosity.”


Under are some further particulars on Grookey from the official Pokemon web site.

A stick that has particular results

The stick held by Grookey was initially a department from the forest the place troops of Grookey dwell, but it surely’s now not a easy department. The stick has gained particular powers after being uncovered to the vitality inside Grookey’s physique.

It can provide vitality to crops

Its inexperienced fur creates vitality from daylight. Wilted flowers and leaves have been seen to regain their colour when Grookey drums with its stick close to them.


Scorbunny: Gen eight’s Hearth-type starter Pokémon is described as “at all times operating about, bursting with vitality.”


Under are some further particulars on Scorbunny from the official Pokemon web site.

Its highly effective legs are its pleasure

Scorbunny makes use of its highly effective legs to run and soar round its opponents, complicated and disorienting them. *The soles of its toes can turn into extremely popular, and Scorbunny can kick opponents to break and burn them, too!

Scorbunny’s second coronary heart—its “hearth sac”

Scorbunny has a fireplace sac in its chest, which incorporates viscous hearth vitality.If Scorbunny is ready to improve its coronary heart price and physique temperature by operating round and warming up correctly, the true energy of its hearth vitality will probably be woke up and its bodily capabilities will significantly improve.


Sobble Sobble.jpg
Water-type Water Lizard Pokemon Identified Strikes Potential  ?

Sobble: Gen eight’s Water-type starter is “a bit timid, capturing out assaults because it hides itself within the water.”


It disappears when it touches water

When Sobble touches water, its physique modifications its sample and colour, permitting it to mix into its environment.Sobble is a bit timid, and so if it will get nervous or embarrassed, it can secrete the water inside its physique like sweat and disappear into the environment.

Tears as potent as 100 onions

Sobble’s tears are able to making others cry. This impact is so robust, it’s mentioned that its tears are as potent as 100 onions.If Sobble feels threatened, it can begin to bawl and unfold its tears across the space, inflicting everybody round it to begin crying uncontrollably. Sobble will then use this distraction as an opportunity to flee.

Pokemon Sword and Defend Legendaries[edit]

Under are the Pokemon Sword and Defend Legendaries.



All Pokemon Sword and Defend Pokemon (Gen eight)[edit]

Under is a working record of all the opposite Gen eight Pokemon.


Gossifleur.jpg Grass-type Flowering Pokemon Identified Strikes Potential  ?
 Cotton Down / Regenerator


Eldegoss.jpg Grass-type Cotton Bloom Pokemon Identified Strikes Potential  ?
Cotton Down / Regenerator


Wooloo.jpg Regular-type Sheep Pokemon Identified Strikes Potential  ?
 Fluffy / Run Away



Dreadnaw.jpg Water Rock-type Chunk Pokemon Identified Strikes Potential  ?
 Robust Jaw / Shell Armor



Starter Pokemon and Evolutions

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