Random: The Web Thinks The Grass-Kind Gymnasium Chief In Sword And Protect Is Really A Ditto

Can you see Ditto?Are you able to see Ditto?

Since we have been first launched to the grass-type fitness center chief in Pokémon Sword and Protect earlier this week, one thing has been bugging us. No, he’s not secretly a bug-type professional. It’s one thing else altogether.

You see, if didn’t already discover, this odd-looking fellow named Milo appears somewhat acquainted. After a couple of days, diehard Pokémon followers have come to the conclusion this cumbersome particular person is definitely a reworked Ditto in disguise. In case you want some extra proof, right here’s a round-up of what individuals are saying about Ditto (sorry, Milo) on social media:

The reality about Milo pic.twitter.com/LXNLmyXu5Q— Orenji (@MunchingOrange) June 6, 2019
Nintendo you aren’t fooling anybody, HE IS A DITTO

#PokemonDirect pic.twitter.com/Y46hE95bwa

— ayala the wermking (@wermking) June 5, 2019
You understand Milo from #PokemonSwordShield kinda appears like a ditto. I believe the ditto’s eyes are 2 of milo’s freckles. Simply take look. pic.twitter.com/QOahkvGAkp— your boi (@yourboi39612284) June 6, 2019
It is a Ditto that found out find out how to flip into an individual and you may’t persuade me in any other case. pic.twitter.com/VJu2DjvGQn— half pint @EchoesOfThunder Zine 🍄 (@LutroDraws) June 5, 2019
I do not get feeling from Milo…I get the creeping feeling that he is a Ditto in disguise pic.twitter.com/WU7KMuvU07— Allison Weiss 🔜 E3 (@AllisonHWeiss) June 5, 2019

Anyway, I can’t wait to battle fitness center chief Milo, aka a buff ditto. #PokemonDirect pic.twitter.com/0KhDFkZzj7— KH ♋️ (@KHalfkey) June 5, 2019

Some Pokémon followers even appear to suppose the official Pokémon Twitter account is pushing this principle by selling its Ditto-themed plush line:

Pokemon: Unveils Milo
everybody: he is a ditto
Pokemon: noooo in fact not **makes random put up about dittos”
everybody: pic.twitter.com/pssPTiVnYT
— Historic-Onyx (@AncientOnyx) June 6, 2019

We have been so inquisitive about this, we determined to change Milo’s face ourselves. All you need to do is take away the character’s eyes, brows and freckles. Here is the top end result: Ditto!

How about now?How about now?

Admittedly, “the reality about Milo” doesn’t go a lot deeper than this, so what do you suppose? Is Milo a Ditto or is he only a common fitness center chief who occurs to appear to be a Ditto? Determine for your self within the feedback beneath.

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