Random: Geodude Will get Appointed As A Tourism Ambassador In Japan

Out of the entire Pokémon that might probably develop into tourism mascots, you in all probability weren’t anticipating the floating rock-ground sort Geodude to be the chosen one. Hiker could be proud.

Japan’s Iwate Prefecture not too long ago teamed up with The Pokémon Firm to make Geodude the official tourism ambassador for the world. Geodude was chosen as a result of Iwate’s kanji interprets to “rock” and “hand.”

Because the mascot model of this Pokémon is unable to truly float, the costume comes with a gray and white leg sample.

When the Huffington Submit in Japan requested about this design alternative, a consultant from The Pokemon Firm stated they wished “Geodude to have an applicable kind” and wanted to make sure everybody had a “nice encounter” with the mascot.

Like all different good ambassadors, Geodude now has an official theme track. Have a hear beneath:

What do you consider Iwate Prefecture’s new mascot? Inform us down beneath.

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