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“Warning!” NO HENTAI contents on this recreation! All you get is humorous and silly panties!

That is the warning on Nintendo’s recreation web page and it’s value making an allowance for. The web page options the phrase ‘panty’ or ‘panties’ no fewer than 19 instances, but additionally reiterates what you’re getting. ‘A narrative of nonsense and fools delivered to you by panties’ is promised, and developer HorngYeuan Digital definitely delivers on that. Regardless of what you could have beforehand believed, Panty Social gathering is a straightforward hack and slash-style recreation the place you, as a pair of panties, fight enemy panties in an epic story of real love and twisted knickers.

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Yurika’s prepare journey to high school is delayed, not by leaves on the road, however a panty (the undergarments are continuously referring to within the singular). Pissed off, the coed bumps into the offending smalls in the midst of the road. Considerably shocked, the floating, speaking panty generally known as Baka Pan is equally shocked to discover a human that may see and perceive her. Mistaking Yurika’s panty-based ambivalence (any outdated pair will do) for an egalitarian love for every type, Baka Pan deduces that she have to be a Warrior of Love. The disbelieving Yurika promptly transforms right into a pair of underwear and should lead the combat towards Panzi and a band of unloved panties intent on brainwashing all people and forcing them to assume panties are their solely real love…

As you may inform, it’s completely barmy. Encountering panties of all styles and sizes, Yurika’s journey takes you thru Japanese suburbs and past, finally to Panzi’s secret base which is positioned… properly, following the ‘logic’ of the narrative, you may most likely guess the place it’s positioned. You’ll interact in floaty, bland road brawls which turn out to be extra attention-grabbing after the primary few episodes of Story mode (there are twenty in whole), and the hack and slash fight definitely isn’t the worst we’ve encountered.

You dodge left and proper utilizing ‘L’ and ‘R’ respectively, and this turns into crucial in later levels. Bounce is on ‘B’ and the remaining face buttons are used for assaults. Panties flutter round like birds and your bounce is tied to a meter that lets you float for a number of seconds. Aiming the reticule at enemy panties and attacking engages a sticky lock-on digital camera, though it loses its goal regularly and we’d have most popular it to stay locked regardless – too usually we needed to transfer our thumb from the weapon buttons to the best stick simply to trace enemy panties. The dearth of gyro digital camera management stands out like a sore thumb on this day-and-age, however all the pieces concerning the recreation’s presentation signifies this was constructed to a strict funds, textual content formatting errors and all.

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Each hit you land builds your ‘Ardour’ meter; as soon as full, unleashing it with ‘ZL’ lets you get momentary buffs or distinctive skills. As you most likely wouldn’t count on, the panties brandish a wide range of armaments, from ‘weapons’ to bladed weapons; the sight of a pair of white panties emitting a hail of bullets with applicable machine gun sounds provides you a good suggestion of the incongruity the sport thrives on.

Weapons range per panty and also you unlock new pairs by fulfilling sure time or rating necessities per episode. You’ll possible get snug with only one pair, nevertheless it’s value experimenting, particularly with later unlocks. Managing which of the attacking panties to take down first turns into a precedence as you progress, including just a little technique to proceedings. A quick cooldown bar applies to projectiles stopping you from spamming long-distance assaults, which inspires a diverse strategy. Fight is just a little floaty and imprecise – and really a lot not Bayonetta – nevertheless it’s not terrible, both.

Technically, there’s nothing that ought to problem the right here – when it comes to takes on Japanese suburbs, issues like 3DS’ Assault of the Friday Monsters and even the 20-year-old Shenmue supply way more visible element than you get right here. Environments are reused and also you’re boxed in by invisible partitions that present an electrified honeycomb sample whenever you brush towards them. Disappointing framerate drops abound all through, particularly in additional complicated, panty-heavy arenas.

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Maybe surprisingly, the writing and the story aren’t horrible. Ridiculous, sure, however the Japanese dialogue is delivered with such vitality that, juxtaposed with the foolish premise, it creates an odd type of narrative draw. ‘Who is that this mysterious Panzi determine?’, ‘How precisely does a real love of panties result in transmogrification?’ and ‘What am I doing with my life?’ are simply among the questions the sport provokes – the actual fact it manages to intrigue you in any respect is surprising, although. The primary menu theme would possibly embed itself in your head, too, though the music is in any other case tediously repetitive.

That it’s not stringing you together with salacious pictures of barely-legal lovelies is definitely endearing and refreshing, in a manner. Past a curious preoccupation with ‘punishment’ – and a considerably unsavoury behavior of referring to highschool women as ‘expired’, it’s only a bunch of anime pants and the odd double entendre. Except a pristine digital gusset will get you going, you’re out of luck for those who’re coming to Panty Social gathering for titillation.

Arcade mode removes the narrative and units you thru a branching path of encounters made up of panties and areas from Story mode. Multiplayer mode allows native break up display for as much as 4 gamers (human or AI) to do battle for a set time in one in every of 9 areas. An auto-lock-on digital camera is on the market right here, primarily as a result of utilizing a single Pleasure-Con removes the second analogue. We anticipated the framerate to take an enormous dive on this mode, nevertheless it wasn’t as unhealthy as we’d imagined and that goes for the multiplayer as a complete. There are lots of higher methods to move time together with your buddies on Change, however for those who insist on throwing a Panty Social gathering, you would possibly squeeze a few rounds out of it earlier than someone suggests Smash or Mario Kart as an alternative.


Panty Social gathering just isn’t unenjoyable. Don’t be tricked into pondering you’ll be ogling barely dressed women – the panties themselves are the celebrities right here. Bayonetta is an infinitely extra alluring proposition in completely each manner, however Panty Social gathering’s hack-and-slash type gameplay isn’t with out advantage and there’s a sure weird joyfulness to it. It’s mostly-harmless, repetitive nonsense that you simply’ll blow via in a day, however we’d be mendacity if we stated it didn’t elevate a smile or two via its sheer WTF-ness.

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