Oddworld: Soulstorm Preview – The Oddworld Quintology Lives and It is Prettier Than Ever

Lorne Lanning and the Oddworld Inhabitants improvement crew did it their approach. No huge publishers. No rushed schedule. No artistic compromises. The subsequent entry within the always-planned quintology (take that, Alien Quadrilogy!) of Oddworld video games is lastly nicely underway after the studio voluntarily shut down in 2005, made a bunch of cash from the previous Abe video games promoting nicely on PC, reopened the studio, and funded the New and Tasty remake, which has led us right here, to Oddworld: Soulstorm.

Each the gameplay and particularly the cinematics seem like these of a recreation with 4 occasions the price range.

My first thought when getting a demo of Soulstorm from Lanning was how attractive it seems. It’s clear that the Inhabitants have a background in movie, as a result of each the gameplay and particularly the cinematics seem like these of a recreation with 4 occasions the price range. Talking of these cinematics, I noticed the opening one, which picks up close to the tip of the story; Soulstorm will then stroll you again to the start of the story, and also you’ll finally catch as much as the place you began. This journey will chronicle the legend of Abe and his follower are escaped slaves – fugitives on the run – preventing from the brink of extinction.

It’s nonetheless a 2.5D action-adventure, with the flexibility to strategy gameplay from a stealthy or aggressive avenue. You’ll be able to see a number of layers again within the atmosphere and see NPCs going about routines. And sure, you’ll typically get again to these different locations as every stage progresses. Weapons are shopper merchandise redone into firearms, with Lanning describing them as a “sweet store of colours.” The complete plot of Soulstorm, in truth, revolves round Soulstorm Brew, an vitality drink with a diabolical function that can mysteriously unfold over the course of the marketing campaign. (Shout-out to Sundown Overdrive!)

Ammo, in the meantime, can have specifically crafted traits that make them distinctive, like utilizing extra rubber bands on the jawbreaker to make it bounce sufficient to get right into a nook within the atmosphere, thereby distracting the man guarding the change you’re making an attempt to get to that can, when flipped, carry a transferring platform over to you. It’s all meant so as to add as much as 12-15 hours on an preliminary playthrough, with as much as 100 hours – Lanning’s phrases – to return by and replay and gather every little thing and see all there may be to see. Not unhealthy for a recreation that’s aiming for a $40 value level!

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