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Bosses are particular enemies present in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These enemies can have their very own, remoted, arenas and a big well being bar. In addition they have a myriad of assaults and talents. In contrast to minibosses, the Bosses you encounter will usually change their ways as you carry out Shinobi Finishers to decrease their well being pool.

Some bosses might require you to decrease their well being earlier than you’ll be able to rack off sufficient posture harm to even land a deathblow as effectively.

Seek the advice of the checklist beneath to learn the way greatest to tackle the hardest bosses in Sekiro, study their movesets, see the place they’re positioned, and what rewards they drop upon defeat.

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Space Location
Gyoubu OniwaAshina OutskirtsMechanical Barrel, Reminiscence: Gyoubu
Woman ButterflyHirata EstateSakura Droplet,

Reminiscence: Woman Butterfly

Genichiro AshinaAshina CastleBloodsmoke Ninjitsu,

Reminiscence: Genichiro

Guardian ApeSunken ValleySlender Finger,

Reminiscence: Guardian Ape

Folding Display screen MonkeysSenpou Temple, Mount KongoPuppeteer Ninjitsu,

Reminiscence: Folding Display screen Monkeys

Headless ApeAshina DepthsPrayer Bead x2,

Reminiscence: Headless Ape

Corrupted MonkAshina DepthsMibu Respiratory Method,

Reminiscence: Corrupted Monk

Nice Shinobi – OwlAshina Fort (Nightfall)Fragrant Department,

Reminiscence: Nice Shinobi

Corrupted Monk – True MonkFountainhead PalaceMemory: True Monk, Dragon’s Tally Board
Divine DragonFountainhead PalaceMemory: Divine Dragon, Divine Dragon’s Tears
Demon of HatredAshina Fort (Evening) – Ashina OutskirtsMemory: Hatred Demon, Lapis Lazuli x2
Isshin, the Sword SaintAshina Fort (Evening): Ashina Reservoir
Reminiscence: Saint Isshin, Dragon Flash Talent

The next bosses can solely be encountered when selecting to forsake Lord Kuro round midway by the story. These bosses can solely be fought through the “Shura Ending”.




Shura Ending Walkthrough


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