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Dragon’s Dogma character courses, often known as Vocations, are the sport’s method of figuring out your gameplay fashion in addition to what weapons it is possible for you to to make use of whereas taking part in as your most well-liked vocation.

Vocations are usually not a everlasting alternative – your character and your important pawn will have the ability to change vocations so long as he/she has both unlocked the vocation or has sufficient Self-discipline Factors to unlock one. Vocations additionally every have their very own separate degree/rank so you will not have to fret about dropping progress in a single vocation must you select to change out.


Augments (or upgrades) from different vocations can nonetheless be outfitted even after switching out. It will likely be a great follow maxing out a vocation’s rank then change out to a different, providing you with entry to extra highly effective augments and permits your character / important pawn to take pleasure in one of the best of a number of vocations.

Vocation units[edit]

There are 9 separate vocations, every having their very own strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets. Your character can freely select any vocation whereas your important pawn can solely choose the Fundamental and Superior vocations.

Fundamental Vocations[edit]

These are the vocations you possibly can choose at first of the sport:

Superior Vocations[edit]

These vocations are the improved variations of the earlier vocations:

Hybrid Vocations[edit]

These are vocations that mix points of two Fundamental vocations:




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