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In Rage 2, you will be thrust into the Wasteland early on in your journey, and when you’re tasked with looking for out three allies to enact Mission Dagger, there’s loads to discover and plenty of issues to overlook that will not discover on the principle story path.

Under are a number of key issues it’s best to do first when enjoying Rage 2.

Get the BFG 9000 (Deluxe Version)[edit]

This little tip is just for gamers who’ve the Deluxe Version of the sport – but it surely’s vital to notice as you may simply miss this when leaving Vineland for the primary time.

Deluxe Version gamers get entry to the BFG 9000 from Doom, however it’s a must to discover it first.

BFG Loc2.jpg

When leaving Vineland after the tutorial and driving your new Phoenix automobile, maintain a lookout for a falling purple meteorite that may hit the bottom simply previous the second three-way intersection to the suitable and up previous Vineland.


Go searching for an affect website within the hill by the converging roads, and you will spot a damaged purple rock that holds the BFG 9000 inside. It is vital to notice that whereas lethal – ammo for the BFG is scarce. You will not discover it out within the wild or at bandit camps. You may solely purchase it from weapon retailers within the Buying and selling Outposts – and so they promote BFG Plasma Capsules for $1,000 every!

Get the Fight Shotgun (Story Mission)[edit]

You technically have three character you want to discover and assist in the Wasteland, and it may not be clear what awaits you down every path. Most different weapons you may acquire in Rage 2 are all present in Arks which can be scattered across the map, however one among them is a part of the principle story.

Gunbarrel Map.jpg

Journey to Gunbarrel to satisfy the person John Marshall in his bar, and settle for his quest to rid the sewers of the mutant presence beneath the city. As you head down into the depths, you will quickly discover an Ark buried beneath the city that you just alone can entry – and you will get a Fight Shotgun inside.


The Fight Shotgun is an extremely vital weapon to have early on, because it boasts nice harm at shut vary, and its alternate hearth and knock individuals again and into the air – even when out of vary of a traditional shotgun blast.

Whereas exploring and taking out factors of curiosity could be enjoyable within the opening hours, they’re going to be much more enjoyable when you’ve gotten a number of powers to make use of in fight. Lots of them are hidden in Arks everywhere in the Wasteland – however there’s just a few that you would be able to get to early on that are not closely defended.

JunkersPassArk Map.jpg

Journey to the Junkers Go Ark within the Twisting Canyons area, not removed from Vineland. It is situated within the middle of the area, on a hill simply south of the Crusher Nest.

When you filter the bandits infesting the Ark, you will get the Shatter capacity It enables you to sprint into enemies and ship them flying with an enormous pressure push, and also will strip the armor of powerful targets (in case your goal reticle is yellow, you will now the enemy is armored and could be sundered by the power).

One other crucial Nanotrite Means to get early on is the Slam energy – as it may allow you to launch above and down into a bunch of enemies to kill them or ship them flying, which is nice crowd management.

EarthscarArk Map.jpg

You’ll find the power hidden on the Earthscar Ark within the Torn Plains area. It is situated close to the middle a part of the area in a ruined metropolis space, between two Bandit Camps – the Ahead Command Put up and Vandal Villas.

Just like the Junkers Go Ark, the issue remains to be low and you can tear by means of the bandits guarding the Ark simply. After you have the Slam Means, you should utilize it to get the literal drop on enemies by in search of the peak benefit each time attainable, and leap from greater buildings onto enemies beneath.

Get hold of the Sensible Rocket Launcher[edit]

Simply as vital as getting the Fight Shotgun, having one other weapon to swap to is a good bonus to have early on, and the Rocket Launcher might help you decimate foes each massive and small.

StrongboxArk Map.jpg

You may discover this weapon hidden within the Strongbox Ark, which is situated within the Torn Plains, not far South of the Earthscar Ark that holds the Slam capacity, and it is simply Southwest of the Boombox Pit Cease.

This Ark is a bit more durable and has a bit extra bandits defending it – however the payoff is nicely price it. The Sensible Rocket Launcher has a secondary lock-on characteristic that may hearth a cluster of bombs at as much as two targets without delay, making it nice for paving the way in which.

Assist Out Dr. Kvasir[edit]


Of all of the three characters to assist out in your journey, we extremely suggest discovering and aiding Dr. Kvasir first. It is because the Search and Get well tasks he gives might provide the greatest return in your investments for the remainder of the sport.

After you end his quest to go to the Eden House Station, you may stat investing in tasks like Collectible Monitoring for Information Pads and Storage Containers, which can ping when shut to those objects that may assist you to get rewards quicker to earn extra money. He additionally has tasks that allow you to mine Feltrite quicker and accumulate extra from fallen enemies – which is at all times wanted.


Nevertheless his greatest perk is not one among his tasks. When you attain degree 7 by discovering Arks, Ranger Echos, and accumulating Information Pads and Ark Chests, you will unlock the Icarus Gyrocopter, which helps you to summon the one flying automobile within the recreation that makes exploration and traversal a breeze.

Icarus Flying.jpg

Clearly, you will not be capable of get Dr. Kvasir to degree 7 proper off the bat, however you can begin serving to him out lengthy earlier than you meet him in individual by ensuring you cease to examine Arks and Ranger Echo websites. Every Information Pad you discover features you 10 factors, every Ark Chest you open nets you 20, and in case you spy any Drone robots hiding alongside the edges of buildings (pay attention for his or her unusual buzzing) and shoot them down, you will get 60 factors.



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