<Transcended> is a World of Warcraft guild in Proudmoore US Alliance. Our core group of raiders has been raiding together since Vanilla and TBC. We are currently looking to fill out our roster with some exceptional players for Legion progression. We have many members from our previous world-class roster looking to come back and dominate progression in Legion on a 2 day schedule. If you're looking for a efficient, fun, world class guild - check us out!

Past Accomplishments

  • World 83rd Loatheb
  • World 56th Four Horsemen
  • World 74th Sapphiron
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The Burning Crusade
  • World 10th Azgalor
  • World 6th (US 2nd) Archimonde
  • World 33rd Illidan
  • World 2nd Kalecgos
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Cataclysm (as <Heat> on Proudmoore US)
  • US 2nd: H Alysrazor (10 man)
  • US 41nd: H Baleroc (10 man)
  • US 35th: H Ragnaros (10 man)
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Unfortunately, Transcended has decided to take a hiatus from raiding for the time being. Who knows, maybe you'll see us on Argus?