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Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough and Information for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This area-based Walkthrough will cowl all enemy encounters, objects to select up, secrets and techniques to seek out and extra as you full your journey because the shinobi generally known as The Wolf.

This information accommodates info on the Hirata Property, a big area you can discover in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The property as soon as dominated over by the Younger Lord Kuro now solely exists in reminiscence, and you may relive the occasions of its incursion by a horde of bandits on that darkish evening way back.

The best way to Entry the Hirata Property[edit]

To entry the Hirata Property, that you must first receive a selected Key Merchandise. Within the Ashina Outskirts, look past the Outskirts Wall Gate Path Sculptor’s Idol, previous the primary Samurai Normal the place a number of ruined buildings are situated. On the house on the backside of the hill is an outdated girl in a ruined constructing – and you may converse together with her to acquire the Younger Lord’s Bell Allure.

With this merchandise, you possibly can return to the Dilapidated Temple and supply it as much as the statue of Buddha. As you do that, you’ll re-live an extended forgotten evening from three years in the past, at a time the place the Hirata Property of Lord Kuro was beneath assault by a band of thieves.


Video Information: Hirata Property Dragonspring and Property Path

Whenever you awaken on the Dragonspring above Hirata Property, you’ll want to unlock the close by Sculptor’s Idol, after which look behind you for a Pellet. Subsequent, you have to soar all the way down to the highway under and grapple to the branches under.

On the backside, you’ll discover a Fistful of Ash close to a dying Nightjar Ninja – you possibly can ask him just a few questions on the place – and when – you might be. Down on the bridge, a torch-wielding Bandit patrols this finish together with one other close by – and can attempt to burn you along with his torch (and these enemies may even name for assist in the event that they spot you).

Over on the finish of the bridge you could find Dousing Powder to assist in case you are burned, and down alongside the rocks under hiding behind a big rock is a Treasure Carp Scale. These uncommon objects are sometimes solely discovered by discovering and killing giant purple Treasure Carp – just like the one off the correct aspect of the bridge. Watch out although – as they’ll attempt to swim away rapidly when noticed, however you can provide chase earlier than the dive down.

Earlier than crossing the bridge, take the river up the correct to discover a stretch of small islands the place one other Treasure Carp swims close to an odd pot. This pot is in actual fact a service provider – the Pot Noble Harunaga, and he actually needs Treasure Carp Scales, and can commerce to uncommon objects for them, together with a Withered Crimson Hearth Gourd that works very like your common gourd besides it may be recharged to heal burns earlier than issues get out of hand.

There’s additionally a mysterious Masks Fragment and the Floating Passage ability (you will not want the Masks Fragment for a while – so simply bear in mind its location for now). In case you are sneaky and examine the waters, you might discover two extra Treasure Carp swimming beneath the floor, however you might simply have to return again later when you’ll be able to assault fish that deep down. Be sure you additionally examine additional up on the rocks for a Mild Coin Purse.

Swimming again to the shore you’ll discover many Canines together with a Bandit hiding among the many timber, and the boat has a Mibu Possession Balloon. Up above the shore, one other Bandit guards the entrance gate to the property with one other pack of Canines.

Property Path[edit]

To achieve entry to the property, grapple up above the principle gate and survey the principle path. It leads down an extended slender hall patrolled by a number of Bandits to what seems to be a big closed gate – nonetheless, there are a number of properties off to the correct of the principle property path. You possibly can in fact preserve to the outer wall transferring proper to bypass most of this – however there are numerous objects to seek out right here.

Drop down and commune with the Property Path Sculptor’s Idol and seize the Ceramic Shard close by. Then begin with the left aspect of the wall alongside the principle path the place you’ll discover a Spirit Emblem and Ungo’s Sugar. Be sure you climb up the wall close to the sugar, and also you’ll spot a Bandit Archer ready behind a small alcove – hoping to ambush you when you had engaged the opposite Bandits on the principle path.

As you might have realized by now, these Bandits battle soiled. The Archers use fireplace arrows together with the torch holders – which might deal burn standing even when you’re blocking – however you’ll be superb so long as you kill them earlier than they’ll burn you an excessive amount of. The Withered Crimson Gourd will turn out to be useful in case you are unable to dam too many hits. Bandits can even kick filth in your face to stun you, or attempt for perilous stabbing assaults.

The gate up forward is certainly locked, however you possibly can seize a Fistful of Ash close to a damaged gap within the wall resulting in a looted house. This home has 4 patrolling bandits (one inside) – which embody an Archer and axe-wielder. The axe-wielder tends to be a bit extra sturdy than the remainder and might deal main harm, however is extra weak to getting his posture damaged.

Strive ambushing them from above or utilizing distractions to separate them, then go inside to kill the final Bandit who’s pillaging one of many again rooms. Seize the Pellet close by, then look smaller shacks close by to seek out Ako’s Sugar alongside the again.

Between the massive home and the sheds is one other path resulting in a smaller gate with a department above you possibly can grapple to – letting you oversee a row of properties filled with Bandits, lots of which sit round a big bonfire. A number of Assault Canines are right here, and alongside the again wall you could find just a few drunk thieves alongside the again path. Kill the primary drunk Bandit and his Canine companion and loot the Ceramic Shard close to them.

Additional forward, an Archer on a roof watches over a gaggle of Bandits standing round a bonfire. Listen in on them to seek out out they’re marveling at a Flame Barrel that has lit up the circle – a becoming merchandise to take. Assassinate the Archer first after which take out the Bandits across the fireplace, expecting reinforcements for the trail forward.

As soon as the realm is evident, you’ll want to seize the Flame Barrel from the fireplace, in addition to the close by Mibu Balloon of Wealth, Dousing Powder, and Pellet. Be sure you additionally examine the internal wall for a Fistful of Ash, and look into the properties to seek out Spirit Emblems.

The trail behind the bonfire results in a slender path up with extra Bandits and a dying man, who begs you to take a particular axe from a close-by shrine earlier than passing on. Take a left first to seek out and open the principle property path gate together with discovering Gokan’s Sugar. Close by, there are two small courtyards.

One has a number of indignant Big Chickens and Ungo’s Sugar in the home, and a Pellet by the nicely with but extra Big Chickens. Be sure you additionally leap onto the roof of the home to discover a nest holding a Mild Coin Purse. The other courtyard has two Bandits standing by a small temple that holds the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey you possibly can listen in on. One other thief patrols the home that holds a Mild Coin Purse you possibly can nab.

Down the principle path is 2 extra Bandits making an attempt to interrupt open a door you can listen in on, after which take them out from behind. Verify the cluster of homes they had been making an attempt to achieve to seek out a number of individuals in properties to speak to. One man you possibly can listen in on talks of a strong Shinobi Hunter lurking about, whereas one other particular person begs you to avoid wasting younger lord and provides you an Antidote Powder. One final home within the again has man who will name you a traitor for not being right here while you had been wanted.

Be sure you additionally examine the other space on the principle path – the place a person is making an attempt to achieve entrance to a constructing. This man is perhaps acquainted to you when you’ve stumbled upon any attention-grabbing characters again on the Ashina Outskirts. Maintain speaking to him, and he’ll let you know a few three-story Pagoda on the cliff. Earlier than leaving, you’ll want to search for a small path on the edge to a bamboo grove the place you could find a Bundled Jizo Statue.

Proceed up predominant path the place a Bandit waits with two extra males with shields. These enemies are extremely irritating to take care of – and infrequently present their faces until giving a cautious slash or cost – nonetheless the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey you discovered may be put in to cleave their shields in two – and immediately break their posture within the course of.

Whereas the river seems engaging and can be utilized as a shortcut – there’s one thing we’d like up forward. Sadly the realm is guarded by just a few Bandits – one Archer by the bushes on the left – and a Shinobi Hunter.

Video Information: Hirata Property Bamboo Thicket Slope

This miniboss generally is a very robust encounter – primarily as a result of their nature permits them to listen to you coming, making a stealth assaults pretty exhausting – particularly with the Bandits within the space. You could need to attempt luring them in direction of the bridge with Ceramic Fragments and take the Archers from the bushes earlier than making an attempt to have interaction the Shinobi Hunter.

Shinobi Hunters carry a big spear, and can use it for all method of thrusting assaults. This truly means you possibly can flip the tables – supplied you bought the Mikiri Counter ability and practiced dodging into an upcoming thrust assault. Nevertheless, be warned as timing incorrectly may be very dangerous to your well being.

To make issues worse, the Shinobi Hunter has a really lengthy cost up assault that makes him run ahead, and when you’re caught, he’ll skewer you up within the air and slam you down. Nonetheless, like his different thrusts – it may be dodged into on the final second to deal immense posture harm, which is the important thing to successful this battle. Nonetheless, he employs extra than simply thrusts (which might embody speedy jabs) and can even swing with the opposite haft finish of his spear, and will even attempt to chain it into a dangerous sweeping assault you’ll want to leap over.

In the event you can bait out sufficient of his thrusts and Mikiri counter all of them, you possibly can ultimately take him out and achieve a Prayer Bead to your troubles. Earlier than transferring onto the subsequent space, you’ll want to look subsequent to a hut on the higher ridge to discover a Pellet, in addition to a Mibu Possession Balloon by the now open gate.

Bamboo Thicket Slope[edit]

Previous the Shinobi Hunter is the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor’s Idol, and an extended pathway the place a Bandit with a torch patrols – and you may grapple as much as a ridge on the left or conceal within the bushes and take him out quietly. The trail forward has an Archer watching the highway, so as a substitute head up on the ridge that overlooks the river, and look to the correct to identify one other clearing to leap to, letting you bypass the Archer. From right here you possibly can soar up and take out the 2 sitting Bandits – however watch out when you attempt to ambush the lone Archer watching the highway, as extra Archers are ready on the ridge above.

To take care of them, you possibly can attempt grappling up proper under the archers to ambush one and alert the close by Bandits, then allow them to chase you again down out of vary of the remaining Archers to select them off. As soon as the Bandits are useless, leap again as much as end the remainder of the Archers and seize the Oil close by. Whenever you return to kill the primary Archer, search for one other ridge throughout the trail you can grapple to and discover Dousing Powder in a small clearing.

Earlier than heading to the bridge, admire the river under for a second, you possibly can swim upstream to the waterfall to discover a Treasure Carp to kill for its Treasure Carp Scale, after which soar to a platform above to get Contact Drugs. Look to the correct of the drugs and you may spot a hidden bamboo door overlaying a cave entrance – slash it apart and step in.

The cave results in a slender shaft you should use wall soar to stand up onto a excessive ridge overlooking the waterfall and the bridge. Extra importantly, a path goes the opposite means resulting in the three-tiered pagoda that the talkative bandit-who-will-turn-merchant spoke of.

Ready for you atop the roof is an enemy Ninja in a purple cloak. This enemy is extremely quick and harmful – presumably too harmful so that you can tackle at this stage within the sport, as he’s in a position to make use of martial arts in depraved methods, together with a dangerous stabbing kick, and a dangerous spinning sweep kick! With so many various working sword sweeps and kicks, it’s exhausting to precisely monitor his actions, so be prepared for some actually punishing combo assaults. Be extraordinarily cautious if he leaps into the air, as he’ll slam down along with his foot with a strong shockwave than can hit you even when you dodge close by.

Fortunately, he solely has the one well being bar, however it can nonetheless take much more punishment than normal to take down, so make use of these Mikiri Counters for his thrust kick, or leaping down on his foot sweep to punish him. If his kicks are attending to complicated, again up and battle rigorously, and don’t get trapped in his combo spinning kicks he loves a lot.

Defeat him, and you may assist your self to the treasure within the pagoda. Really, if he’s simply too irritating to take care of at this level, you possibly can run across the pagoda to lose sight of him and open the door earlier than he reaches you. The treasure inside is the Mist Raven’s Feather, a useful object that may be made right into a Prosthetic Software. With the Mist Raven Prosthetic Software, you possibly can truly soak up an incoming assault and teleport within the path you maintain to achieve the benefit of your opponent, so you’ll want to attempt it out!

Now again to the bridge resulting in the principle property – a big Taro Troop Brute blocks the best way with two Protect Bandits, and presumably an archer, making the method a extremely nice deathtrap. Nevertheless, you possibly can disorient the lead Brute by leaping off to the left to grapple to a close-by department, then pop up behind the shield-users and ambush them rapidly earlier than ending off the Brute. In a pinch, the Protect Bandits advance pretty slowly, so you too can bait out the Brute alone too. Be sure you choose up the Fistful of Ash earlier than transferring up the steps.

On the entrance to the burning property you’ll discover every little thing on fireplace, and mendacity towards a rock within the center is your mentor and father, Owl. Communicate to him, and heed his dying want to take the Hidden Temple Key, the place the younger Lord Kuro is hiding. The way in which behind will burst into flame, so you have to grapple as much as the one tree nonetheless standing, then to the highest of the tower not on fireplace. As a superb rule of thumb, if it seems prefer it’s on fireplace, don’t soar into it otherwise you’ll burn to demise rapidly. As a substitute, look again down the river for a variety of lighted shrines alongside the cliff partitions, and grapple between them all the way down to the correct the place a path results in a small home.

The opposite aspect of this constructing results in a small graveyard and bamboo grove, the place a few Bandits are patrolling and searching into a big cave. You possibly can listen in on them to be taught that that is the one means into the principle property.

Be cautious, as the 2 Bandits trying into the cave are guarded by two extra Bandits – one with a defend through a path on the left, and an Archer stands towards the again of the grove in help – so hug the left wall to take the Archer first, after which lure the others out.

Earlier than heading into the cave, observe an alternate path lead among the many bamboo main down a slope to 2 common Shinobi Hunters. One will stroll midway up the slope, and you may backstab him on the best way down, however should face the opposite head on.

They aren’t as sturdy because the Mini-boss, and solely have one well being bar, however they’ll nonetheless make the most of many perilous thrust assaults, together with one from behind when you attempt to dodge round them, so be further cautious. Killing the second will grant you a Bulging Coin Purse, and you could find a Mibu Balloon of Soul and Pellet behind the clearing. On the best way again up the slope, search for a small gap on the correct wall to duck into and discover a Mibu Possession Balloon and alternate path again to the river.

Again on the cemetery, enter the cave and be careful for lurking Bandits on the correct aspect. The trail results in a nicely you possibly can wall soar up utilizing consecutive wall jumps, and leads out to the burning property.

Most important Corridor[edit]

Video Information: Hirata Property Most important Corridor and Viewers Chamber

On the high of the nicely, look behind you to seek out some Oil by a constructing, and previous it’s the Most important Corridor Sculptor’s Idol. Most of the buildings and partitions are on fireplace right here – limiting your means ahead, so hug the left wall till you possibly can flip a nook going proper to the place a Bandit Archer waits.

The burning buildings give method to a big path with many Bandits patrolling the realm, and you may grapple to the roof right here to scope it out. A big pond separates the principle corridor, however fireplace prevents you from crossing it this early. As a substitute you’ll must rigorously interact the 2 Archers, two torch-wielding Bandits, and one axe-wielder.

To make issues worse, two extra Bandits might hear the commotion from contained in the lengthy constructing and are available out to battle. In any other case, you possibly can head in afterwards to seize a number of Spirit Emblems, and loot a Dousing Powder within the nearest room by a swimsuit of armor, and Divine Confetti within the subsequent room – however watch Bandit isn’t ready within the corridor on the opposite aspect. With this space clear, cross into the pond and discover a Ceramic Shard on a small island.

Mini-boss – Juzou the Drunkard[edit]

This enemy is a reasonably intimidating foe, to say nothing of the Bandit pressure that guards him. Due to this, a frontal assault is fairly unwise, however you possibly can carry out some hit-and-run techniques on his mates, although you’ll should be cautious to make sure while you lastly face Juzou alone you might be nonetheless in combating kind.

Be aware you can additionally discover a man by the pond’s edge that provides to assist in battle – however he’ll rush in madly to assault and nearly all the time will get himself killed because of Juzou’s poison assaults, however on the very least he can function a distraction – although you might need to wait till the battle goes your means earlier than asking him to assist clear issues up.

If choosing the stealth route, head to the far aspect of the pond and enter the closest constructing, noting you can sneak beneath the porch if want be. There’s a Mild Coin Purse within the room in addition to a Bandit, with one other ready within the corridor outdoors – however bear in mind you can toss a Ceramic Shard from behind a wall to lure an enemy to your location.

With the 2 enemies within the wing gone, you possibly can sneak alongside the corridor to the place Juzou and his henchmen wait – however from right here you’ll must make use of hit and run assaults to rapidly kill an enemy or two – after which working away whereas they search the realm. You can even attempt main Juzou away from his males to a secluded space, however simply watch out you don’t by chance drag the battle to his mates.

When going through Juzou, you’ll discover that he has a penchant for taking giant swigs of toxic swill and spitting it throughout his blade to infuse it – or he may projectile spit giant bursts at you – so because of this you’ll need to have Antidote Powder available. Nonetheless, he turns into weak within the second he takes a swig or sprays his blade, so make use of this to get some harm in.

Juzou additionally likes to battle by utilizing sumo-style strikes, together with highly effective palm strike assaults and leg drop assault if he manages to hit you on the upward kick first. He additionally swings his extremely lengthy sword with energy – and will use two palms for a strong downward swing.

In any other case he likes to carry out lengthy sweeping strikes, together with a low perilous sweep you’ll have to leap over. If he places his palm again, watch out for both two fast assaults, or one big one, and if he pulls each palms again, he’ll try a really highly effective seize.

Since nearly all of his assaults deal excessive posture harm attributable to his dimension, you’ll need to watch out buying and selling blows – it might be greatest to get just a few hits in between his combos or poison swigging, then again off and wait to your posture to go down, whereas slowly chipping at his well being.

Whenever you get him down to at least one well being bar left, it might even be a superb time to summon your pal close by when you haven’t. This fashion, it’s best to have just one enemy for Insouke to battle towards, and the second Juzou focuses his consideration on this newcomer, you possibly can unleash fixed assaults on his again to rack up posture harm and end him rapidly – and likewise guaranteeing the survival of your companion.

When Juzou goes down, he’ll drop Unrefined Sake and a Prayer Bead. Sadly, you don’t actually get a reward for preserving Insouke alive. Now with Juzou useless, the doorway to the principle constructing is now obtainable to you.

Viewers Chamber[edit]

Step rigorously inside, in these darkened halls there are nonetheless Bandits lurking about: an Archer and different Bandit are on the finish of the hallway, and can begin alternating patrols as you get close to. Within the room on the left you could find Dousing Powder, and the room past holds a Pellet. Be sure you additionally examine the top of the left corridor the Bandits had been in to seek out Oil by a useless finish… or is it?

Take a look at the wall on the finish of the passage with a portray and hug the wall to disclose a Secret Shinobi Revolving Door, which results in a secret room! Inside listed below are many untouched spoils, together with a Mibu Balloon of Wealth and Mild Coin Purse. Head down the corridor to the left to discover a room with Divine Confetti, and a big display on the opposite aspect of the room that hides a chest you possibly can open to discover a Prayer Bead!

Since that path is a useless finish, undergo the massive rooms on the correct previous the our bodies and looted chests to identify the Viewers Chamber Sculptor’s Idol, in addition to Mibu Balloon of Soul within the close by room, and a crying girl – the Timid Maid that ultimately provides you the Younger Lord’s Bell Allure. She passes on a mysterious imaginative and prescient she noticed, and begs you to assist her son and discover Lord Kuro deeper into the mansion.

As you progress down the lengthy out of doors hallway, an Archer will seem on the different finish to attempt to pin you down. You possibly can attempt to dodge the incoming arrows, or simply dip behind a wall and let him come examine earlier than shocking him.

Simply previous the Archer is the eternally wounded Inosuke Nogami, who warns you that the boss forward makes use of illusions that can’t be overcome besides by utilizing Snap Seeds – and he’ll provide the one he has.

Within the viewers chamber, examine the massive tatami mat within the heart of the room and transfer it apart to disclose a passage down right into a tunnel resulting in the Hidden Temple – you have to use the Hidden Temple key to enter, so when you don’t have it, return to the Bamboo Thicket Slope and discover Owl on the predominant corridor entrance to get it.

Video Information: Girl Butterfly Boss Battle

This battle shall be an attention-grabbing one – as you’ll quickly discover out. Girl Butterfly seems to have however one well being bar, however an immense charge of posture restoration. Due to this, you’re going to need to prioritize reducing her well being till you see her posture bar flip purple – permitting you to deal posture harm that received’t regenerate.

In battle, Girl Butterfly is a slippery opponent, she will free a salvo of kunai at you from a distance in many various methods. If she costs up, she’ll unload a number of bursts whereas dashing forwards and backwards across the room earlier than getting extraordinarily shut for a melee assault.

She’ll additionally make use of invisible wires as platforms to leap between, typically earlier than throwing Kunai, or leaping all the way down to assault – together with a dangerous leg seize strike from above that can deal main harm. When in shut vary, she’ll alternate between knife strikes and a number of kicks that may finish with a strong downward axe kick that may deal numerous posture harm (she will additionally do that from the air). Additionally watch out for a working perilous sweep assault – however it may be jumped over.

Given Girl Butterfly’s knack for hopping round within the air, you possibly can cancel her flight with well-timed shuriken assaults that deal harm and posture, and if she isn’t in a position to block them (particularly when leaping or getting ready a dangerous assault) she’ll instantly crash to the bottom and turn out to be weak.

As soon as her well being has fallen to a minimum of midway, it’s time to rack up that posture harm, and shut her down with shuriken every time she takes off. Be sure you precisely block by means of her shut vary strikes after which apply a few of your individual, and she or he’ll quickly fall to a Deathblow.

Nevertheless this isn’t the top of Girl Butterfly. As you had been warned earlier, she employs phantasm strategies, and her physique will vanish as a number of small shadowy creatures seem on all sides with varied weapons – together with spears that may stab with perilous strikes.

At this level, participating them isn’t a lot value it – so you’ve gotten two choices: Run and keep away from them in any respect prices (whereas additionally expecting her kunai projectiles), or use a Snap Seed to instantly dispel these round you. Sadly, you might not have many Snap Seeds to work with, apart from the one given to you earlier. In the event you’ve explored Ashina Outskirts, you could find 5 extra within the valley with the Nice Serpent.

After a short time, Girl Butterfly will snap her fingers and dispel the spirits into butterflies that can all collect above en masse earlier than flying down at you – so begin sprinting across the room to keep away from them. After this, you can begin participating her for spherical two.

This time, she’ll summon small teams of blazing butterflies earlier than lots of her assaults that can shoot out in direction of you want projectiles, that means you’ve gotten a brand new menace to keep away from in any respect prices whereas additionally discovering opening to strike. Ensure that to dodge the salvos first earlier than making an attempt to counter assault. Shuriken assaults nonetheless work whereas she jumps round – however beware, as a result of she’ll routinely convey again the illusions to hang-out you every so often. She additionally will put together a for much longer kicking combo assault that may be troublesome to dam successfully, however can rack up posture harm when you can time many of the deflections. This assault all the time ends with a sweeping strike, so be prepared to leap ahead and down on her to deal much more posture harm.

Take your time with this battle, and don’t fear about letting her posture reset early when the illusions are available – you’ll have your probability to make it stick when she will get decrease on well being, after which capitalize with shuriken pictures when she tries to leap within the air.

When she lastly loses all of her posture a ultimate time, go for the Deathblow, and comply with up with a Shinobi Execution to defeat Girl Butterfly. This can earn you the Reminiscence: Girl Butterfly, in addition to a Sakura Droplet that can provide you one further resurrection, however it seems solely the younger lord can put it to use.

After the battle, the reminiscence of that forgotten evening on the Hirata Property concludes with a dramatic twists, and one other clue to the Wolf’s energy is revealed. The Wolf will reawaken again on the Dilapidated Temple, and you may converse to the Sculptor to speak about what you simply witnessed. Regardless that the reminiscence is concluded, you possibly can nonetheless return to the Hirata Property at any time to maintain trying to find objects or purchase issues from the Noble Pot service provider.

Do not forget that you additionally obtained some Unrefined Sake from Juzou, and you may share it with the Sculptor to get a bit of excellent ol’ storytime.

In the event you haven’t accomplished the Ashina Outskirts, now could be the time to proceed that quest – in any other case, the Ashina Citadel awaits.


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