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Genichiro Ashina is a boss discovered throughout the Ashina Fort and is the principle boss of the realm.


Genichiro Ashina / Genichiro, Approach of Tomoe
Location Ashina CastleDeathblows to defeat three
Drops Reminiscence, Genichiro, Bloodsmoke Ninjitsu
Weak point None

The person who stole the Wolf’s Lord initially of the sport, Genichiro Ashina is holding him on the prime of a constructing in Ashina Fort. He wields a big bow alongside along with his two handed katana.

After taking out the mini-boss, Ashina Elite – Jinsuke Saze, heading out the window to his left and across the constructing, you’ll be able to grapple to the rooftop will you’ll discover a cutscene with this boss, after which the boss battle will provoke.

You’ll want to fill up on a number of Eel Liver, that are present in and round Ashina Fort.

Within the first section of this boss battle, you may be engaged on an enemy that’s for probably the most half very legible. A lot so, that inside a pair makes an attempt you may have most of his strikes memorized and will be way more on the offensive with him to try to attain the second section sooner. Simply give attention to not getting hit as a lot as potential to keep away from utilizing your therapeutic gadgets within the first section.


Shoot – Roll – Downward Swing – That is the assault he’ll at all times lead withJump Slam- Could be adopted up by two kinds of Perilous AttacksSlash – Kick – Arrow ShotLong maintain arrow shot. He’ll typically use this in case you retreat to heal. Dodge it.7-hit flurry. This assault could make fast work of you in case you do not see it coming. Nonetheless, in case you exactly time your parries on this assault, you may do a whole lot of Posture injury to Genichiro.Duel horizontal slash.four arrow shot. – this may be very laborious to keep away from. It is higher to purely block it.

Perilous Assaults:

Lunge assault. This assault can be utilized on the finish of the Bounce Slam assault or additionally used unaccompanied and will be counteracted with the lunge counter.Sweep assault. Equally to the lunge assault, this assault will also be used alone or in a combo.

Along with his highly effective katana assaults, Genichiro will commonly take out his bow to trouble you from afar. This could vary from a one or two fast pictures earlier than he rolls ahead to slash along with his blade, or he could pull again his bowstring for a strong blast that can ship you sliding again even with a deflection. He can even leap into the air and free a volley of three fast fireplace strikes adopted by another shot earlier than falling to the bottom, and may deal a whole lot of injury if not guarded towards.

Maybe his most fearsome assault comes when he readies his blade off to your left, earlier than swinging it up with two strikes, (or he could attempt to strafe you first) after which performing a sluggish spin that can unleash a flurry of combo assaults – 7 in all – that ends in an uppercut that forces each of you again. It’s clearly and very harmful transfer, however when you get the sample down, it may be a good way to chain deflects to quickly injury his posture – and you may generally rating a free hit after the combo ends.

Different intense assaults to be careful for embody a leaping stab the place he plunges his sword into the bottom, and instantly follows up with a deadly thrust in your course. Attempt to not concern the second stab, and look ahead to him to cost up earlier than stepping in with a Mikiri Counter to additional injury his posture.

He could generally merely crouch down in preparation for a thrust nevertheless it’s not as apparent, since there’s no warmup you’ll be able to see coming. Nonetheless, in case you see him dart off to your left because the perilous image flashes, you’ll want to leap and dodge away, as he has a really short-ranged put highly effective seize that ends with a large punch.

This battle is a battle of attrition – you’ll be able to’t get grasping, so be able to alternate single assaults and deflections with him, and search for openings after his combo assaults to get hits in the place you’ll be able to. The Loaded Shuriken mixed with the chasing slice ability can allow you to shut the space on him fast, which is helpful when he tries charging up his bow, or is about to leap into the air – which you’ll shut down in case you react shortly. Ensure that when buying and selling blows with him, particularly on his large assaults, that you just discover a long way when potential to carry guard and regenerate your posture shortly – if he breaks your posture, it’s possible you’ll not have the ability to get well in time to keep away from a few of his assaults.

Once you take off certainly one of his well being bars, he’ll change issues up solely barely to try to trick you. Following his leaping stab assaults, he’ll now observe up with a low sweep that you just’ll have to leap on him to keep away from – as a substitute of the thrusts (although he can nonetheless do them at random – simply not after leaping stabs). He’ll additionally now run to your proper earlier than transferring up in a low sweep assault, which may generally be tough to tell apart from his seize (which has him working to your left) – if doubtful, simply leap away to play it secure.

Genichiro, Approach of Tomoe[edit]

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In his second stage, Genichiro sill shed his armor and take up his ancestral energy of lightning. You’ll be able to counteract among the results of the lightning. There’s additionally a approach to parry the lightning again on Genichiro mid air in case you can time it accurately.

Added Perilous Assaults:

Run and dive stab. This assault will lead off the section two battle nearly each time.Bounce Lightning Slam. Genichiro will leap to your proper, taking on lightning into his sword and slamming it down in a line assault that can do heavy injury if it hits.Bounce Lightning Sweep. Genichiro will leap, taking on lightning into his sword and sweeping it throughout the sector. Bounce over or dodge by this.He now provides his lunge assault to his 7-hit flurry.

He could solely have one well being bar for this model of the battle, however Along with all of his present assaults – he now has much more tips up his sleeve. You’ll in all probability be tempted to both heal up or use an Eel Liver when the battle begins – however Genichiro will often begin with a powerful leaping thrust assault that may cross the room extraordinarily shortly – and is difficult to react to.

He might also begin working at you whereas yelling and his free arm outstretched, which is your sign that he’s going for a working seize assault that you just’ll must dash and leap away from to keep away from.

Nonetheless, the worst assault of all comes from his new lightning infused blade – which comes when he jumps excessive into the air. A lightning bolt will hit his blade, which he’ll use to both slash downward or slash low throughout and hit you with it. If it connects when you’re on the bottom – you’ll take large injury, and doubtless die until you could have that Eel Liver lively.

If it hits you within the air, you’ll have only a second to shortly retaliate by urgent the assault button to cost the blast into your personal blade and hit it proper again at him. For those who land whereas nonetheless electrically charged, the present will blast you.

If that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, he might also leap into the air and electrify his bow as a substitute, which has a way more exact shot and may hit so much more durable – however the identical guidelines nonetheless apply. For those who handle to retaliate by charging the electrical energy again at him, you’ll shave off a great quantity of his well being, AND stun him for a number of moments letting you apply a whole lot of injury with out concern of his retaliations – and presumably break his posture if he’s already excessive up.

It’s positively a danger/reward state of affairs, however above all else make certain your dodging by leaping if you see lightning hit the air.

So long as you’ll be able to proceed to maintain up the strain, and deflect his combo chains whereas recovering your personal posture, you’ll be able to defeat him lengthy earlier than his well being is depleted, as his posture recovers pretty slowly even after solely 25% of his well being is gone. Make the most of shurikens to maintain strain on him when he retreats along with his bow, and finally Lord Genichiro will fall.


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