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Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough and Information for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This area-based Walkthrough will cowl all enemy encounters, objects to select up, secrets and techniques to seek out and extra as you full your journey because the shinobi often called The Wolf.

This information accommodates data on the Fountainhead Palace, the final massive area within the sport that may solely be accessed if you happen to determined to aspect with Lord Kuro in opposition to Owl. The world is simply accessible after you’ve collected the Mortal Blade from Senpou Temple, the Lotus of the Palace Flower from the Sunken Valley, and the Shelter Stone from the Ashina Depths.

Easy methods to Entry the Fountainhead Palace[edit]

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After getting collected all of the substances of the Fountainhead Aroma, and defeated Owl at Ashina Citadel (Nightfall) to get the department of the Everblossom, communicate with Lord Kuro to mix all of the substances into the incense burner to wrap your self within the aroma.

Following the clues, you will must current your self because the “bridal providing” by returning to the Marriage ceremony Cave within the Ashina Depths, and praying inside the marriage palanquin previous the place you discovered the Shelter Stone.

The result’s… sudden, as you’re taken on a journey excessive into the mountains above Ashina.

Now that you simply’ve taken a wild journey to the land of legends, night time has fallen throughout Ashina. Count on some stressed spirits to begin displaying up in sure areas – however extra importantly, you’ll now end up on the fringe of the Fountainhead Palace, far up within the mountains above the land.

Leaping down from the unusual factor that introduced you right here, look alongside the ledges to discover a Pellet, after which transfer up the trail to seek out the Fountainhead Palace Sculptor’s Idol.

Earlier than you possibly can discover the palace, you’ll must cope with a well-known gatekeeper.

At first look, the Corrupted Monk appears to behave very similar to the one you fought within the Ashina Depths. The one noticeable distinction to see right here is that this isn’t a phantom, and so Divine Confetti will do you no favors right here – and in addition that the Corrupted Monk has three well being bars.

Very like the primary combat, the Corrupted Monk makes use of her naginata to slam down with assaults, and also can do a number of sweeping slice combos which have a rhythm you’ll must get all the way down to correctly deflect assaults.
Many instances, the Corrupted Monk will finish a combo string with both a deadly thrust or low sweep – so control the actions of the blade to see when she holds it straight and shut, or holds it low off to the aspect to arrange to spin in circles.

There are additionally a number of tree branches alongside the bridge of this boss area – and you should utilize them to get round rapidly if boxed right into a nook, however don’t rely an excessive amount of as she nonetheless has sufficient attain to hit you together with her lengthy naginata.

On the second well being bar, issues get noticeably totally different. A black and white mist fog will envelop the world because the Corrupted Monk disappears, solely to reappear as three totally different phantoms that may carry out one assault earlier than disappearing.

The primary phantom will step ahead with a sweeping slash, the second phantom will seem close by with an overhead strike, and the third phantom will seem additionally close by for a leaping slash. This can repeat not less than 3 times, and may come from any angle. Because you’ll solely have a couple of moments to react, you’ve a few choices: Try to spin the digicam and deflect the three assaults – dash up and down the size of the bridge to outrun their assaults, or grapple between branches to keep away from the assaults.

Every has their very own strengths and flaws – and no methodology is actually good, although you can even pull out the Loaded Umbrella and turtle up and hope your posture lasts lengthy sufficient to defend up three separate instances. Simply bear in mind that grappling doesn’t imply you’ll be immune, and sprinting can set you within the path of an showing phantom.

Apart from that, the second a part of this combat continues to be principally about awaiting the slashes and slowly increase posture every time potential by taking each alternative to deflect and counter. It may be fairly laborious to inform when the monk is obstructing blows, however know that assaults from behind can’t be blocked by her – so take that under consideration.

Lastly, while you attain the third section, the Timeless Centipede will present itself to place a brand new spin on the ultimate section. Along with all the things you’ve confronted earlier than, the Corrupted Monk has a brand new unblockable assault the place she begins to shriek because the centipede spews gunk in a front-facing arc that does excessive terror injury. Should you see her begin to retch and scream, rapidly dodge round behind and get your hits in the place you possibly can.

One other transfer she brings in from the earlier combat is the whirlwind of spinning assaults which are spaced however deal a ton of injury and could be laborious to reliably deflect – however tough to keep away from as to the wide selection of motion she will be able to cowl whereas spinning.

Fortunately, the centipede could be her greatest undoing, because it permits so that you can deal quite a lot of injury with out her having the ability to block whereas spewing gunk. This may allow you to decrease her well being to the purpose that her posture barely recovers, after which you possibly can work on deflecting all the things you possibly can to lastly put her and the centipede down, and sever the Corrupted Monk’s immortality.

Defeating her for good will earn the Reminiscence: True Monk, in addition to the Dragon’s Tally Board. This merchandise will improve the wares that every one primary retailers promote, including an infinite quantity of Divine Confetti, Eel Livers, Snap Seeds, Black Gunpowder, and Scrap Iron!

Alternate Ending Questline – Return[edit]

At this level within the sport, you possibly can totally full a secret aspect quest that has turn into accessible since assembly the Divine Baby of the Rejuvenating Waters at Senpou Temple. In case you are trying into the opportunity of discovering a special method out aside from the Immortal Severance, you might need to look into this aspect quest.

It begins after getting Rice from the Divine Baby. Should you go to her usually after consuming the Rice or giving it to the Previous Crone, you possibly can ultimately return to the Inside Sanctum to seek out the Divine Baby in ache and misery.

After talking together with her, the Divine Baby will request meals – a Persimmon. You could find these both by visiting the Temple Memorial Mob under the Shugendo Sculptor’s Idol, or killing Monkeys across the Temple Grounds.

Give the Divine Baby a Persimmon, and he or she’ll thanks not solely with Rice, but additionally offer you Rice for Kuro – a Key Merchandise present that she needs you to present to the younger Lord.

Return to Lord Kuro (which have to be achieved BEFORE you defeat the boss of the Fountainhead Palace), and provides him the Rice for Kuro. Relaxation as soon as and communicate to him and he’ll offer you two helpings of Candy Rice (you do not have to eat it in entrance of him if you happen to do not need to).

Head again to the Inside Sanctum and let the Divine Baby know of Lord Kuro’s response. Should you relaxation as soon as extra, you will discover her again turned to the doorway and going through the shrine as she speaks aloud to the spirits of her buddies. At this level, it is advisable give her a selected merchandise – the Holy Tome: Infested. There are two methods to come across this tome:

Should you had visited Senpou Temple BEFORE defeating Genichiro, you can discover the Head Priest on the Important Corridor of the temple, and chatting with him he would provide the tome. Should you visited Senpou Temple AFTER defeating Genichiro, the one place to seek out it’s on the backside of the pond within the Temple Grounds, which requires the Mibu Respiration Method to succeed in.

After getting given her the Holy Tome and given Kuro the rice, you possibly can relaxation and discover that the Divine Baby has disappeared from the Inside Sanctum. In actual fact, she has moved to the Halls of Phantasm – the place the place you fought the Folding Display Monkeys – and has moved to the place the monk was standing in entrance of the enormous tree.

Talking to her right here, she thinks there could also be one other method to assist Lord Kuro past the Immortal Severance – however wants a selected guide from the Excessive Priest of Senpou Temple.

For the reason that Excessive Priest has left the Important Corridor, now you can discover his physique within the small cave outdoors the Important Corridor resulting in the cliffisde pagoda the place the Senpou Esoteric Textual content was (he is the one corpse within the cave sporting purple robes). Loot his physique, and you may achieve the Holy Chapter: Dragon’s Return.

Relaxation and return to the Inside Sanctum to present the Divine Baby this guide, and she is going to discover a new method to assist the Divine Dragon and its immortality curse to return to the place it got here from. This can require the Divine Baby to eat the fruits of the Nice Serpent.

Our walkthrough has beforehand lined get every of those key objects, and you’ll find them with our guides – Easy methods to Get the Recent Serpent Viscera, and Easy methods to Get the Dried Serpent Viscera.

Give the Divine Baby each of these things, after which depart her to eat them and endure the consequences. Resting will allow you to listen in on the closed door to the sanctum the place you possibly can hearken to her writhe in ache. Nevertheless, she won’t open the doorways till you’ve defeated the Corrupted Monk on the Fountainhead Palace.

Now that you have achieved this, you possibly can return to seek out her again to regular, and she is going to bestow upon you Frozen Tears, which can be utilized alongside the Divine Dragon’s Tears to unlock a special ending while you beat the ultimate boss.

Now, again to the Fountainhead Palace.

Vermilion Bridge[edit]

Now that you simply’ve defeated the True Monk as soon as and for all, the trail to the remainder of the palace lies earlier than you. Take within the wonderful vista of the massive palace space, the enormous lake, the numerous buildings alongside the aspect and entrance, and the massive falls closest to you.

Grapple down alongside the precise aspect of the ridge to get down the falls space. There are a couple of paths to take amongst these buildings right here, however for now probably the most easy will do.

On the entrance to the primary constructing you’ll discover a Mibu Balloon of Soul previous a tree with some Spirit Emblems. Contained in the constructing is one other Mist Noble – just like the one you discovered within the Hidden Forest. Nevertheless, this enemy isn’t as massive of a pushover as his good friend. Simply by you, he’ll begin sucking your lifeforce – inflicting huge terror buildup frighteningly quick.

In contrast to regular terror buildup – you received’t die outright, however you’ll turn into enfeebled: shedding nearly your entire most well being and resurrection nodes – and you may solely stagger about with sluggish swings – because the Mist Noble will then attempt to lurch ahead to seize and beat you do dying. You’ll be able to’t use a lot of any objects both on this state – the one option to get again to regular is to both kill the Mist Noble, or get far sufficient away that it loses curiosity. It’s extremely beneficial you solely method these enemies from behind, or dash in for a kill earlier than they will begin sucking you dry.

Previous this enemy, you’ll discover one other Mist Noble within the subsequent room overlooking a balcony – but additionally be careful for an extra Mist Noble behind some screens over by the opposite exit that appears out throughout the lake.

No matter you do, DO NOT attempt to swim out onto the lake. An imposing enemy is perched excessive on the tree on the opposite aspect, and can hurl lightning blasts towards you that may electrify the water across the blast to kill you rapidly. She’s going to solely do that while you head into deep water anyplace on this area. For now – keep on with the quilt of the buildings.

To get to the subsequent constructing, you possibly can both search for a damaged wall to move by, or go by methods of the falls and seize a Mild Coin Purse on a damaged pillar. Should you take the again path, you’ll spot a number of enemies patrolling right here – these are the Okami Warrior Ladies spoken of in legend, and they’re formidable opponents certainly.

These long-necked creatures are specialists with swords and bows alike – and can usually prance about in unpredictable patterns earlier than leaping in with jabs or spinning slashes. If they offer out an odd battle cry, watch out for a multi-hit combo – however deflecting them can break their posture quick. The soldiers can make the most of a protracted vary leaping thrust you possibly can Mikiri Counter, however may additionally soar up for a downward stab or strike.

You’ve truly heard about these creatures earlier than – within the textual content of the Sabimaru, which was used to nice impact in opposition to these god-like enemies. The legends maintain true, because the Okami are very weak to poison, and even a single hit of the Sabimaru will trigger them to retch from the poison – so make sure you use it when it is advisable get some respiration room.

Observe that the 2 patrolling sword customers are watched over by an archer on the decrease roof. As a way to get to him unannounced, you possibly can take the trail by the damaged wall and search for grapple factors – however you can even get to the highest of the roof, the place three extra archers watch a lone sword person training on a bridge overlooking the water.

Take out the trio – they go down a lot sooner than the soldiers, however can hearth off volleys in fast succession – after which ambush the training warrior and seize the Lump of Grave Wax. Should you’re feeling gutsy, you can even strive leaping over the deep waters to a damaged constructing to the precise (the overlaying will cease you from getting hit by lightning) and seize the Adamantite Scrap inside.

Again on the opposite aspect of the constructing closest to the falls, kill the archer on the second degree earlier than dropping all the way down to battle the Okami warriors, after which look contained in the constructing for a Mibu Balloon of Wealth – however be certain to not get your soul sucked by the Mist Noble hiding within the alcove to the left.

Whenever you attain the subsequent space, you’ll discover a big enclosed courtyard, with a damaged wall entrance to the far proper, or you possibly can hop onto the buildings to climb over the wall and discover a Ceramic Shard in a nest.

On this subsequent space, a number of dog-like beasts are wandering the shallows. If it seems to be like a canine, acts like a canine, and sounds…odd – it may well most likely die simply as simply. A shuriken or two will put one down, as does a single deflection – or you possibly can have enjoyable with the Finger Whistle to make them go mad. Beware – generally the canine creatures will soar into the air and emit a lightning bolt that may deal quite a lot of injury if you happen to aren’t ready. Take into account investing in Eel Livers, or strive leaping to the aspect to keep away from them – however bear in mind the flexibility to disperse electrical energy by slashing whereas nonetheless within the air.

Verify the center clearing the place the group of creatures have been to seek out Ungo’s Sugar and a Heavy Coin Purse, then search for an entrance to the massive constructing on the aspect. Three of the canine creatures are in right here – as is a Mist Noble hiding off on the left nook. You should use the Finger Whistle to show the tables on them, after which ambush and kill the survivors. Seize the Adamantite Scrap, after which head outdoors.

Should you climb to the roof of the constructing, look alongside the bottom and also you’ll discover an Okami Warrior and Okami Archer sitting alongside the roof in wait – so have interaction fastidiously. Down under is a bunch of three canine creatures, and three extra within the small constructing close by – use the Finger Whistle (with out concentrating on particularly) to allow them to tear one another to items earlier than grabbing the Eel Liver they have been guarding.

Lastly, there’s some extra beasts trying round a tree by the massive gate on the finish. Get rid of them to seek out Yashariku’s Sugar, and the trail to the subsequent space.

Mibu Manor[edit]

Coming into the small courtyard, commune with the Mibu Manor Sculptor’s Idol. The entrance door seems locked, so as an alternative take a proper by a damaged wall to discover a small stairs main inside.

One other Mist Noble patrols these halls – anticipate him to move after which stab him within the again, after which crawl alongside the passage to keep away from the gaze of one other Mist Noble throughout a small pool. Within the subsequent room, a lady will name to you. She truly appears fairly first rate, and warns you of the numerous Mist Nobles right here – particularly within the courtyard forward.

Communicate to her once more, and he or she’ll ask that you simply assist her father – who’s entranced by the Nice Carp, and begs you to assist him ultimately.

Heed the lady’s warning, and use the set of screens on the left aspect of the room to sneak previous the courtyard brimming with Mist Nobles. Hug the left wall and seize the Chunk Down merchandise – this may be helpful if it is advisable dart previous a bunch of them, die, after which resurrect once they look the opposite method.

Whenever you attain the tip of the room, it seems to be out on one other small courtyard with a tree surrounded by tall grass, and a bridge the place a Mist Noble performs his flute, and alternates trying towards you and away from you. When he seems to be away, run out and dart to the left to kill the Mist Noble that was watching your entry earlier, and run into the pond to seize the Ako’s Sugar earlier than the one on the bridge turns again. Watch for him to show once more, then race into the tall grass under him, and sneak assault him when the chance presents itself.

Subsequent, look off to the left for a constructing the place an Okami Warrior kneels to interact her in fight and lure her away from the Eel Liver she guards. Throughout from her in an alcove is a Mist Noble – throw a Ceramic Shard to lure him out and intestine him when he will get in vary. Not far away and also you’ll additionally discover Yellow Gunpowder at a useless finish. You’ll be able to nearly make out one thing massive simply past the display screen home windows – however you possibly can’t get on the market simply but.

On the opposite aspect of the bridge the place you killed the Mist Noble, one other adopted by two Okami Warrior bodyguards will begin patrolling the halls in a circle – however word the crawlspace above you possibly can grapple as much as.

From right here you possibly can watch them move and ambush them – or use the Finger Whistle to trigger some havoc first. Kill the group, after which look within the far again left aspect of the corridors to seek out Divine Confetti, after which return to the massive room round the place the group patrolled to discover a single Mist Noble you possibly can drop down behind and kill, after which loot the Lump of Grave Wax in a small lined space.

The Divine Noble right here was going through the massive courtyard – however there are nonetheless three left, so skirt them and preserve to the outer left aspect. It’s tempting to creep up on the left-most Divine Noble – however he’s being watched by a big crowd within the constructing subsequent to him. As an alternative toss a Ceramic Shard at him from round a nook to silence him, after which rush the 2 Mist Nobles on the bridges earlier than the Okami Warriors see what’s occurring.

Two Warriors will emerge from the hut the place a Mist Noble with a purple gown sits (oddly sufficient this one received’t attempt to trigger terror injury), and one Warrior has a naginata spear. Just like the Corrupted Monk, this Okami Warrior could strive a spinning low sweep assault that may go on for 3 rotations – or soar into the air for a flying slam assault. Even the Sabimaru can’t poison these warriors immediately – and the Okami Warriors sporting purple also can leap into the air to cost up their spears with lightning to ship your method – however you possibly can replicate it again at them to stun them if you happen to’re fast. Be sure you lead them on a merry chase across the manor to divide and conquer.

Whenever you return to the primary courtyard, seize the Pellet by the tree, and head within the constructing to seek out Adamantite Scrap, in addition to a chest holding Divine Grass. On the opposite aspect of the constructing, the final group awaits – an Okami Warrior with a naginata and a Divine Noble. Seize the Okami’s consideration to lure it away from the prying eyes of the Mist Noble, after which come again to hurry the noble – however be careful for one more Mist Noble hiding to the left ready to catch you off guard.

Earlier than leaving, flip round from the place the duo was to look alongside the picket flooring, and also you’ll discover a damaged a part of the ground resulting in an underwater passage. On this hidden room, you’ll discover a treasure trove: Three Treasure Carp Scale, and a chest holding Water of the Palace.

Should you bear in mind again – there’s somebody who was craving these waters. Return to the Mibu Village within the Ashina Depths and journey to the Head Priest’s home. Enter by way of the key revolving ground below the constructing to seek out him guzzling the water till there’s none left – and provide him the Water of the Palace. In thanks, he’ll offer you Dragonspring Sake, and if you happen to return later, you’ll discover him remodeled right into a Mist Noble (with out the ability to suck your life drive), and you may defeat him to earn a whopping 5 Treasure Carp Scale!

There’s a big sequence of buildings and platforms earlier than you upon leaving the Mibu Manor – however there’s a bit extra to see close by first. Take a left to seek out a big pagoda with some Divine Confetti across the again, after which look across the different aspect for the lengthy path going behind the manor itself.

Mini-Boss – Sakura Bull of the Palace[edit]

As you attain the tip of the trail, a big variant of the Blazing Bull will seem on the different finish. It seems that even the divine monsters right here appear to like lighting a bull’s horns on hearth and letting it go wild.

It’s vital to notice that this combat is simply made tougher by a number of Okami Warriors and Archers crowded across the rooftops of the close by Mibu Manor. You’ll be able to flip the tables on them by searching for a grapple level previous the Scultpor’s Idol, and taking the combat to them. Whereas there’s not a lot else to see alongside the rooftops of the manor – you possibly can theoretically use the rooftops to get the literal drop on the Sakura Bull and take it out with none fuss in any respect – because it solely has the one well being bar.

Should you select to interact it head-to-head, you’ll discover it behaves very similar to the Blazing Bull, and drawing it again to its preliminary pen might help because the beast struggles to show rapidly. Nonetheless, it’s magical blazing horns can deal piercing injury even while you block – so be careful for the dip in its horns signaling an upwards head thrusting assault, or its violent swiveling of the top back and forth.

You may as well nonetheless use Shinobi Firecrackers to nice impact right here – or use the close by tree branches to grapple above and behind the beast to assault from its rear. Sustain the injury whereas strafing behind the massive beast, and at low well being and posture it’ll ultimately buck round till it slams right into a wall to topple over.

Defeating this enemy will earn you one other Prayer Bead, together with A Beast’s Karma Talent that additional will increase your max Spirit Emblem depend by 1. Be sure you additionally search its pen for 3 objects: a Bulging Coin Purse, Yashariku’s Sugar, and Adamantite Scrap.

Flower Viewing Stage[edit]

Again on the Sculptor’s Idol, it’s time to maneuver ahead. As you method the bridge to the Flower Viewing Stage, an enormous carp will leap out of the water and tear the bridge to items earlier than diving away. Neat.

Be sure you search for a grapple level to the aspect – falling into the deep water will set off the Okami lightning warrior within the distance to hurl extra bolts – so keep away from the depths. Throughout the bridge, you possibly can spot two Okami Warriors training… kickball?

It’s no joke. The Okami Kickballers will throw their balls excessive into the air earlier than slamming them at you – some will arc round to hit you from the aspect as a distraction, whereas others they will slam into you with unbelievable velocity and energy. Nevertheless, you might not need to have interaction the 2 on the platform simply but – two extra Kickballers are ready on the platform above to pelt you, so let’s discover a totally different path.

Go all the way down to the constructing on the left the place the opposite aspect of the bridge was to discover a Mibu Balloon of Soul, after which go across the left aspect of the constructing to discover a path up the falls the place a lone Okami Kickballer waits – and ambush her earlier than she will be able to begin pelting you. Even at shut vary, they will lash out with a couple of kicks that deal stunning injury – however if you happen to wait at vary for them to leap into the air, you possibly can rush in and soar up subsequent to them to carry out an Anti-Air Deathblow to silence them rapidly.

You’ll be able to’t get to the home on the prime of the falls off to the left simply but, however make sure you climb onto the roof of the constructing you handed to remove one other Okami Warrior – then search for the 2 Kickballers on prime of the balcony close by. Rush them rapidly earlier than they will put up a protection, and check out to not increase the eye of these under you.

There’s additionally two extra Okami Warriors behind you alongside the falls close to a damaged bridge – they can be snuck up on if you happen to grapple as much as the damaged bridge and get in behind them. With the enemies on the higher platforms gone, now you can drop all the way down to the decrease degree to seek out two extra Okami Warriors patrolling the underside of the platforms, after which lastly take out the 2 on the primary platform with out getting ambushed.

Whenever you’ve cleared this primary important platform, make sure you verify the shallows below the platform to discover a Mibu Balloon of Soul among the many rocks main out to the deeper water, after which head again in the direction of the falls to seek out numerous bridges resulting in the subsequent central platform. The best bridge allows you to grapple onto a skinny roof space, and if you happen to verify the tall tower close to you, search for Gokan’s Sugar in a nest on the prime.

Climbing to the higher platforms and searching additional forward, you possibly can spot two Okami Warriors close to the middle platform, one other patrolling between them and the final two Okami Warriors behind the platform by the waterfalls and an outdated shrine.

Partaking this group could be difficult – so make sure you use all the things in your arsenal just like the Sabimaru or Finger Whistle to distract and disorient – and check out taking out the enemies within the again earlier than working your method ahead such as you did earlier than. To do that, search for a decrease path resulting in a bridge alongside the again that’s damaged, and you may drop down to seek out extra of the dog-like creatures under guarding an Eel Liver, in addition to a Ceramic Shard additional downstream.

Wanting up from the waterways, you must have the ability to spot the 2 Okami Warriors armed with naginatas with their backs turned to you – making it a great strike level. Higher but, use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to show one to your aspect and let him rip into the others earlier than ending up the job – simply be careful for stray lightning bolts.

You’re getting nearer to the massive tree the place that lightning-hurling jerk is – however not shut sufficient. Since you possibly can’t stand up from right here, return upstream to the falls and go behind the small shrine to discover a waterfall surrounded by dog-like creatures – and have interaction them rapidly with shurikens to seek out two Mibu Possession Balloons. Should you hear an odd noise close by – that’s as a result of on the falls additional to the precise is a Shichimen Warrior training his magic, however we’ll cope with him later. For now, return to the small shrine hut and grapple atop it to seek out extra platforms in opposition to the cliff that the waterfalls are pouring down.

Transfer up these rock platforms and throughout branches protruding of the waterfalls to succeed in to the highest of the palace stairs – solely to seek out the door right here locked, and what feels like many Mist Nobles on the opposite aspect.

Your solely method ahead appears to lie with the massive lake – so eliminating that enemy on the tree is our objective. Head down the steps from the locked door to a basin with some Spirit Emblems. The trail to the left has damaged, and the precise results in an extended bridge with a Pellet earlier than it too ends with a damaged edge.

Shifting straight forward, look ahead to an Okami Warrior and Archer. Advance fastidiously, and use the Loaded Umbrella if it is advisable energy by the arrows to succeed in the duo after which remove them.

On the opposite aspect of this path is a viewing platform that appears down upon one other central platform the place a complete of 5 Okami Warriors are sitting – not nice odds. You’ll must method this space extraordinarily fastidiously – however there’s someplace else we are able to go first.

Close to Pot Noble[edit]

Earlier than heading down, make sure you flip round and head again to the basin – however lookup for a grapple level to succeed in the roof of the bridge.

Transfer left alongside the bridge to wrap round to the opposite aspect of a tall roof, and you may spot a cave entrance simply above you alongside the waterfalls which you could grapple to. Take out the few Crawling Geckos within the small tunnel, and also you’ll exit out above the massive constructing we couldn’t attain on the far aspect of this space!

Drop down, and look across the entrance of the constructing to seize Divine Confetti. Off to the aspect, you can even discover… one other Pot Noble! Be sure you commune with the Close to Pot Noble Sculptor’s Idol, after which communicate to Pot Noble Koremori, who has a completely totally different choice of wares than Pot Noble Harunaga within the Hirata Property.

These things embrace a Dragon’s Blood Droplet, and two Lapis Lazuli that can be utilized as crafting supplies to make among the greatest Prosthetic Instrument Upgrades you’ll ever get. He additionally sells the ultimate Masks Fragment. When mixed with Pot Noble Harunaga and the Dungeon Memorial Mob’s Masks Fragments – you possibly can type the Dancing Dragon Masks, which may convert 5 further Talent Factors into 1 Assault Energy, which isn’t so helpful now as will probably be for New Recreation Plus.

Now return to the final central platform the place the 5 Okami Warriors are. The one dancing within the center with the purple outfit is probably the most harmful, as solely they’re able to lightning assaults, which she is going to leap into the air and cost her sword to slice down – very similar to Genichiro.

Chances are you’ll need to once more use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to show one of many Okami Warriors to your aspect, allow them to get all the eye, after which assault the stragglers from behind as they encompass your puppet. Should you see the primary Okami leap into the air – be ready to leap as nicely, as you possibly can replicate the lightning into your entire enemies and stun a whole group without delay, and end them whereas they continue to be surprised.

Filter out the group, and also you’ll be rewarded with some Dragonspring Sake to share with who you please.

Mini-Boss – Okami Chief Shizu[edit]

Be sure you commune with the Nice Sakura Sculptor’s Idol, after which grapple to the massive department to cope with the Okami Chief.

As you’ve most likely guessed from earlier, this perilous kickballer will ship electrified projectiles straight at you and deal a ton of injury in case you are grounded – which implies you’ll both need to be nice at dodging, or nice at timing to disperse the electrical energy.

Simply in case, down an Eel Liver to be sure to received’t get one-hit killed, after which begin advancing. Observe that along with dodging or dispersing assaults, there are a couple of grapple factors alongside the department you should utilize – soar out of hurt’s option to the aspect and off the department solely, after which grapple again to renew your method.

Even while you shut the gap, she will be able to nonetheless be a ache to cope with even doing common kicks and kickball assaults – so its truly higher to attend at a detailed distance till you see her begin sparking up and launching a kickball within the air. When his occurs, dash ahead and soar into her to get the immediate for an Anti-Air Deathblow, which can finish the combat instantly.

Defeating the Okami Chief won’t solely grant you one other Prayer Bead, however now all the area is free from her tyranny – and the waters are open to you.

Nice Sakura[edit]

Resting again up on the Nice Sakura Sculptor’s Idol, there’s loads to discover and do now. Very first thing’s first – return to the tree department the place you killed the Okami Chief, and look down and to the left for a giant low department holding a Bulging Coin Purse.

Head again as much as the bottom of the higher tree, and drop down across the different aspect to seek out a number of dog-creatures guarding a Mild Coin Purse, after which search across the sides to discover a Heavy Coin Purse in a nest.

From right here, you possibly can see paths main again below the primary platforms all the way in which to the place you first entered – in addition to a stream guarded by extra dog-creatures that leads as much as the Shichimen Warrior. Off to the precise is one other decrease important platform that’s separated by a big stream emptying into the lake. Since we are able to’t fairly attain it but, take the trail upstream.

Mini-Boss – Shichimen Warrior[edit]

Very like your earlier encounters with this foe, having the Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella might be a sport changer. For the reason that Shichimen Warrior is positioned on the far finish of a stream by the falls, he’ll make you run in the direction of him, all whereas capturing out concentrated soul beams that may terrify you extraordinarily quick.

As a way to get previous his salvos, unload your umbrella and turtle as much as his face – and be certain every other dog-creatures alongside the rocks or streams are already killed, as you don’t need stray lightning bolts hitting you throughout with combat.

The Shichimen Warrior will at all times alternate utilizing leaping away whereas spreading soul orbs throughout the streambed, or attempting to wack you along with his workers a couple of times. He also can ship forth a stream of orbs which are solely actually harmful at vary – in any other case you possibly can strafe behind him, and the identical could be stated for his soul stream.

If he ever truly blocks your assaults, he’ll observe this by disappearing to reappear on the different finish of the stream, and proceed firing off soul streams – which he’ll additionally do while you’ve taken off certainly one of his well being bars. Simply stay calm and turtle up when it is advisable get near him, and don’t be afraid to use your defend and stroll into floating orbs to clear the sector so you possibly can assault him for longer intervals earlier than dodging away from them.

Maintain at it very similar to the way you dealt along with his brothers, and be able to dash downstream a second’s discover till you lastly do away with his well being. Killing him will drop one other Lapis Lazuli. Be sure you additionally examine the waterfall he was standing in and also you’ll discover a Bundled Jizo Statue.

The Lake[edit]

Since you possibly can’t recover from to the final platform space, it’s time to go into the water. Be sure you look under the platform you possibly can’t attain simply but, and also you’ll discover a Treasure Carp to kill, and Valuable Bait under it.

As you swim ahead, you’ll spot an enormous canyon taking place under you, and half-submerged constructing that the Large Carp swims previous on the left. Be sure you verify contained in the drowned constructing to discover a Lump of Grave Wax, and verify the roof for an Previous Girl with a clue – there’s a path to the palace by the cave the place the Nice Carp makes its dwelling, and he or she additionally needs you to open the doorways for her.

There’s additionally a couple of extra underwater buildings across the cave entrance, and you’ll find three Treasure Carp Scale in a single constructing, and two extra Treasure Carps close by heading towards the place you first began this space.

Earlier than getting into the cave or canyon, be certain across the canyon going by the damaged bridge on the far aspect to seek out two extra Treasure Carps, after which swim in the direction of the Mibu Manor to discover a partially submerged corridor with a nest on the roof you possibly can seize Adamantite Scrap.

Keep away from the Mist Noble watching from the manor, and swim in the direction of the Flower Viewing Platform Sculptor’s Idol on the far aspect of the lake.

Under the damaged bridge you’ll discover a host of man-eating fish, and alongside the ground is a Pink Lump you possibly can accumulate. Additional again behind the damaged bridge, look fastidiously among the many foliage alongside the bottom for Scrap Magnetite and a Mild Coin Purse.

Now head again to swim down into the massive canyon in the midst of the lake. Circling the canyon above are two teams of man-eating fish guarding one Treasure Carp apiece. Kill the guards and anticipate the Treasure Carp to spawn again earlier than ambushing them.

Whenever you begin swimming down you’ll discover a couple of large underwater buildings. Look under the destroyed inside of one of many larger buildings and also you’ll discover some Valuable Bait, whereas the longer constructing on the other aspect has a Mild Coin Purse inside.

Mini-Boss – Underwater Headless[edit]

Swimming deeper into the canyon, you’ll quickly spot a Headless – however he’s not alone – there’s a phantom model of the Headless not far under, and can mimic the primary Headless assaults with blasts from his sword and the spooky hair tendrils. You don’t need to deal with the ghostly purple double in any respect, as he does nothing besides waste your time.

As an alternative, lock onto the primary Headless and preserve strafe swimming in circles earlier than darting in for a fast thrust, after which swimming previous and away earlier than he can retaliate. You’ll must time it so that you simply’ve simply evaded a sword slash or his hair tendrils, and attempt to preserve the phantom in body to be sure to don’t get hit swimming in.

Dart out and in and watch out along with your assaults – there’s no rush right here, posture injury is irrelevant and every lunging strike takes off a very good chunk of well being. Maintain at it and while you lastly go in for a deathblow, the phantom will disappear too. Killing this Headless grants you Yashariku’s Spiritfall, an merchandise that permits you to use the consequences of Yashariku’s Sugar as a lot as you need, so long as you’ve the spirit emblems to spare.

As soon as the pair are faraway from the battle, search up behind the place the Headless was for some Valuable Bait on a log, and search the bottom pit for a big Large Carp skeleton lined in glow worms, and close by you’ll find 2 Treasure Carp Scale, and a chest holding a Prayer Bead.

Path to the Palace Grounds[edit]

Now it’s time to enter the Nice Carp’s lair. Swim over to the far aspect of the lake and search for a sloping underwater path the place you final noticed the Nice Carp, and also you’ll discover a Ceramic Shard on the opening to the cave.

Swimming slowly inside, duck into the tall reeds because the Nice Carp swims under you into the massive cave. If he sees you, he’ll slam into you and sure kill you or severely wound you – so that you need to keep away from his gaze very similar to the Nice Serpent.

There are ruined buildings on either side of the cave, and you should utilize them to remain out of his line of sight. If he sees you, he’ll cost in and destroy all the constructing part – however usually slam his head into the wall within the course of, and get dazed for a couple of moments, providing you with time to get out of there and conceal once more.

It’s beneficial you’re taking to the precise wall while you see him swim up and to the left, after which slowly transfer by the totally different constructing sections as slowly tilt upwards. When you attain the tip, lookup and also you’ll see a big constructing embedded within the rocks with a gap within the wall close to the highest – that’s your exit. Watch for the Nice Carp to swim again to the doorway, after which dart up in the direction of the far wall.

Don’t fear if he sees you enter, very similar to the Nice Serpent he received’t have the ability to observe you into the small tunnel, and can slam into the massive constructing to no impact. When you attain the opposite aspect, swim up and out of a pool the place a waterfall is emptying out.

Head up the stream and begin grappling between timber to succeed in a excessive ledge and right here you’ll discover the Palace Grounds Sculptor’s Idol.

Head inside to find… fairly a scene. A number of red-robed Mist Nobles are within the darkened palace feasting on the our bodies of Okami Warriors, everywhere. As you progress by the grisly scene, bear in mind to open the door on the left the place the primary stairway was to open up a shortcut to bypass the Nice Carp’s cave.

From right here, transfer up the trail till one of many Mist Nobles lastly seems to be as much as spot you, alerting his buddies. Kill them or simply transfer on (these ones can’t suck your soul out), and search for a chest on the finish of the room that holds the final Gourd Seed – which ought to deliver your most prices as much as 10.

Feeding Grounds[edit]

As you allow the palace behind, know that if you happen to relaxation, and have spoken with the outdated girl who requested that you simply open the door, you possibly can return to seek out her getting her revenge on the Mist Nobles earlier than dying herself.

Go away the palace, and look again in the direction of the cliff with the Sculptor’s Idol to discover a grapple level as much as the roof. From right here you possibly can cross again to look down on the stairs to the primary door – however have a look as much as the left as an alternative. This distinctive vantage factors presents a grapple level to a big tree department, after which all the way down to the platforms you couldn’t attain earlier than.

As you grapple throughout to the primary roof, look ahead to a close-by Okami Archer on one other rooftop that may begin taking potshots at you. Rapidly grapple to her and take her out, after which transfer alongside the rooftops to the far again constructing. Drop down and also you’ll discover Ako’s Sugar alongside the again of the constructing, after which head all the way down to the damaged bridge to seek out an electric-attacking Okami Warrior guarding a Heavy Coin Purse.

Now jump over to the center platform, and have a look at the again to seek out Ungo’s Sugar alongside the trail main all the way down to the Feeding Grounds Sculptor’s Idol. Right here you can find the massive man who is seemingly the daddy of the outdated ladies, together with the one within the Mibu Manor. His life is now dedicated to feeding the Nice Carp, which you are able to do by ringing the close by bell to summon him.

When the Nice Carp arrives, you possibly can feed it the Valuable Bait you’ve been discovering, after which discuss to the person to get rewards for every bait you give. One Bait nets you one Treasure Carp Scale, two will get you three Treasure Carp Scale, however after that the massive man received’t dish out any extra rewards – claiming moderation is vital.

It’s about this time that you must pay the Pot Nobles a go to. Should you’ve purchased a couple of issues from Pot Noble Koremori, spending not less than 7 scales, he’ll point out that you must watch out for one other Pot Noble looking for to kill the Nice Carp and take his place.

Nevertheless, after spending a couple of extra scales, Pot Noble Koremori will provide you with the Actually Valuable Bait, and ask you to secretly feed it to the Nice Carp.

This sounds fairly suspicious, and if you happen to return to Pot Noble Harunaga again on the Hirata Property, he’ll additionally offer you the same story – asking so that you can give his particular Actually Valuable Bait to the Nice Carp with out telling the others.

Each provide the identical reward, and whereas their motives appear extremely suspect, it might be what’s wanted to finish the outdated girl’s father from his everlasting destiny of caring for the grasp. Talking of which – you possibly can combat the enormous father if you want, he fights precisely like a Chained Ogre – full with two well being bars and grabs, however presents nothing upon his dying.

Nevertheless, if you happen to return to ring the bell and choose the Actually Valuable Bait for both Pot Nobles, a couple of issues will occur. The Nice Carp will instantly retreat after consuming the bait, and after resting, you’ll discover the daddy in nice misery on the Nice Carp’s disappearance, however the place did he go?

You’ll be able to verify the cave and the carp might be gone, which implies now you can swim all the way down to loot a Mild Coin Purse and Scrap Magnetite close to the underside of the cave.

Useless issues are inclined to float downstream, and we all know that the waters of the Fountainhead pool within the Sunken Valley.

Should you return to the Guardian Ape’s Watering Gap, you’ll discover the enormous corpse of the Nice Carp – and in entrance of him you possibly can loot the Nice White Whisker. Return to the Feeding Platform and provide it to the daddy to alleviate him of his obligation, and he’ll reward you with a Divine Grass. Relaxation, and also you’ll discover him at peace along with his remaining daughter beside him as she can also lastly relaxation.

As for the Pot Nobles – whichever Pot Noble you didn’t aspect with will now be discovered useless of their toppled pot. Should you helped Pot Noble Harunaga, he’ll now take the shape of a giant red-eyed Carp close to his pot, whereas Pot Noble Koremori is positioned under the place his pot was – and the pot of the survivor now holds the treasure, a Lapis Lazuli. This, the one from the Schichimen Warrior, plus the 2 offered by the Pot Nobles are all you will get for a playthrough – so choose your improve correctly! As for the brand new red-eyed carp, they’ll nonetheless promote you the remainder of their stock, and develop it with no matter their competitor had of their inventory earlier than dying.


As you progress out of the Palace Grounds constructing the Mist Nobles have been in, you’ll discover a big grove with a number of timber, and Crawling Geckos crawling in regards to the floor by twin waterfalls – and you’ll find a Mibu Balloon of Soul by one of many waterfalls.

Grapple up the timber to a sloping stairway above, and transfer with warning. Within the subsequent clearing are two Okami Warriors with the ability of lightning – a sword person and naginata wielder. Along with this, a 3rd Okami Kickballer is a bit increased to the precise – ready to ambush you type behind while you attain the clearing.

Dealing with all three without delay is a really dangerous proposition – as all three can use lightning assaults that may be laborious to disperse when coming from all instructions. As an alternative of heading up into the clearing, look alongside the precise of the trail for a path to grapple as much as alert solely the Kickballer – and grapple as much as cease her earlier than she will be able to begin partaking in lightning assaults (do not forget that you are able to do an anti-air deathblow if you happen to soar up whereas she’s charging her assault within the air).

With the kickballer out of the way in which, make sure you use an Eel Liver and tackle the opposite two Okami Warriors. Attempt to angle your self on the steps above them, as lightning blasts are tougher to dodge and even tougher to disperse again in case your decrease than them and don’t have room earlier than falling to the bottom.

You’ll need to combat aggressively, use the Sabimaru, and preserve attacking to forestall them from leaping into the air – both chasing them down with slashes or utilizing Shurikens to maintain them in verify. Do not forget that they’ve a variety of different assaults – together with perilous leaping thrust assaults and low sweeping swings it is advisable soar over.

As soon as the trio has been faraway from play, proceed up the stairway and word a Dragon’s Blood Droplet on the left earlier than you attain the Sanctuary Sculptor’s Idol. On the prime of the trail, as lightning strikes round you, you’ll discover a small cave on the prime of the fountainhead – inside is the physique mendacity in opposition to a big stone – Lord Takeru maybe? Kneel beside the physique and pray on the stone to move your self to the Divine Realm.

Observe: In case you are nonetheless attempting to finish the aspect quests that will let you unlock the 2 alternate endings as an alternative of the Immortal Severance – DO NOT DEFEAT THIS BOSS. As soon as the boss is defeated, sure occasions might be set in movement that lock you on a collision course with the ending, and also you will be unable to deviate when the time comes. See our Easy methods to Get All Endings for extra particulars.

Boss Battle – Previous Dragons of the Tree[edit]

Praying on the stone within the cave will take you to the magical Divine Realm, shrouded in fog among the many clouds excessive over Ashina – and earlier than you is a big withered tree. Because the petals fall into the fog, an eerie a sickly trying dragon will emerge. These are the Previous Dragons of the Tree, they usually’ve seen higher days.

Because the comparatively small dragon approaches you, will probably be joined by much more outdated dragons that pop up throughout you – every of them lends their well being to the general well being bar for this section of the combat.
In reality, the Previous Dragons aren’t all that harmful. They solely have two assaults: very sluggish smacks with the flute-like devices they possess, or retching and coughing up clouds of poison, which is the true factor it is advisable be careful for.

As a way to keep away from getting poisoned and overwhelmed, you must attempt to strafe across the group and will get some slashes in across the edges of the group – away from the poison clouds. You may as well merely use Contact Drugs to present your self a really low poison impact that may’t be overridden by their extra highly effective poison – permitting you to wade in and begin meting out injury. Utilizing sweeping assaults – just like the Whirlwind Slash or Mortal Draw – you possibly can assault a number of dragons without delay, and also you’ll discover they don’t have quite a lot of well being.

After a little bit of this, they’ll all begin coming up and down and unison earlier than elevating themselves as much as the sky, as large roots bursts forth from the bottom to attempt to hit you as they burst out – three in a row. Dash away from them, after which run again to the remaining root and grapple up prime.

Out of your new vantage level, you’ll discover which you could immediately deathblow any Dragon you soar down on, and distinctive to a Plunging Deathblow is the flexibility to make use of them as an extension of your blade to swing the dying dragon into his buddies and immediately kill any close by dragons. That is by far your greatest tactic for clearing out swaths of Previous Dragons at a time, and may make this combat go by very quick.

As you close to the tip of this part, a number of more healthy reddish dragons will emerge together with the grey ones. These should not a part of the general bosses well being, and ought to be ignored solely. It’s higher simply to run round them till they create the roots again up – and lure the gray dragons near pounce on them as soon as extra. As soon as all of the Previous Dragons have been defeated, the tree within the distance will spring to life, heralding the looks of the Divine Dragon.

This combat will play out in a really unusual method – and begins by the Divine Dragon pushing you into the air and much again into the world. The Divine Dragon is impossibly massive, and holds an excellent lightning blade with its one massive arm.

After pushing you backwards, 5 massive roots will burst forth across the Divine Dragon, which serves as your details on this combat. The Divine Dragon itself solely has a couple of actual assaults – a number of low sweep assaults you possibly can keep away from by grappling to the roots, and lots of overhead vertical slash assaults that may be blocked, or just averted by operating or grappling back and forth.

For the reason that Divine Dragon is to this point up, there’s just one option to actually injury this boss – Lightning Reversal. Look alongside the foundation platforms to see a couple of glowing with electrical energy. Whenever you grapple to certainly one of these roots, you’ll be shot up into the air and struck by lightning. Fortunately, you’ll be excessive up into the air and have loads of time to strike your lightning blast on the Divine Dragon.

This can deal a considerable amount of injury – as long as you make certain to focus on the Divine Dragon and that its not transferring low or away to keep away from the blast. Typically you’ll get hit with one other gust of wind, and must run again to the roots whereas dodging incoming sword blasts.

So long as you retain grappling between roots to unleash lightning reversals, ultimately the Divine Dragon’s well being will get low, and the roots will collapse as you’re despatched backwards one final time. At this level, you’ll must survive a gauntlet of slashes from the Divine Dragon’s blade.

Block the incoming vertical slashes and the shockwaves that come, and anticipate the dragon to twirl its blade in a circle for a fast slash adopted by a small low sweep, one other slash and a much bigger low sweep. As soon as this combo assault concludes, the roots will stand up as soon as extra.

Run as much as the closest root to get blasted increased and better nonetheless into the air earlier than being struck, and unleash the mom of all lightning blasts into the Divine Dragon’s face. This can trigger it to crash to the bottom, resting its head by the sword, and providing you with a spot to run as much as its eye and carve him a brand new tear duct, and you may lastly acquire the Divine Dragon’s Tears, in addition to the Reminiscence: Divine Dragon..

Along with your goal full, you’ll be robotically expelled from the Divine Realm again to Ashina Citadel – however one thing has gone horribly improper in your absence.




Hirata Property (Owl’s Reminiscence) Walkthrough


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