Folks Are Upset That Hawkeye’s Seemingly Been Left Out of the Avengers Once more – E3 2019


It is sufficient to show you into Ronin.

You could have observed that Marvel’s Avengers simply bought revealed and dated. After which you’ll have observed that Hawkeye was nowhere to be seen. Folks on the Web, as you would possibly anticipate, are upset about that.

The present Marvel’s Avengers line-up seemingly consists of Captain America (who could or could not die/disappear), Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Black Widow. That is an identical to the core Avengers from the MCU, with one notable, arrow-firing exception.

Some discover it notably galling as a result of kind of precisely the identical factor occurred to him in Avengers: Infinity Warfare. Here is a number of reactions:

I can’t imagine that they’ve performed my boy Hawkeye soiled once more

— mercer (@AGuiltyThorn) June 11, 2019

Hawkeye SAVES HALF THE UNIVERSE within the MCU (and is king in Marvel Comics for years) after you noobs doubted him, and Crystal Dynamics comes alongside and is like “nah fam, he isn’t even a beginning Avenger”

— Rob Keyes (@rob_keyes) June 11, 2019

The implication that it will likely be Ant-Man (and a Hank Pym Ant-Man at that) who joins the group earlier than Hawkeye has added an additional layer of consternation:

They bought Ant-Man however not Hawkeye? That is simply disrespectful. And hilarious.

— Q̶u̶e̶n̶t̶in̶e̶ (@BallerUnicorn) June 11, 2019

In fact, there are theories about all this. Some have advised that he’ll be added to the line-up later to replicate his late addition to the Avengers within the unique comics. Others have advised that he may very well be revealed as a villain. My favorite principle is easier: it is only a huge joke at Hawkeye’s expense.

Marvel’s Avengers – a third-person motion sport supporting single and multiplayer – will arrive for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia on Could 15, 2020.

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