Florida python: Large pregnant snake caught utilizing new strategy

Researchers hold up a 17-foot python found in the Big Cypress National PreservePicture copyright
Huge Cypress Nationwide Protect

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Pythons pose a significant menace to native wildlife in Florida

A nationwide park in Florida has captured a file 17ft (5.2m) python utilizing an revolutionary strategy to tackling the invasive species.

The feminine snake, the most important ever to be faraway from Huge Cypress Nationwide Protect, weighed 140lb (63.5kg) and was carrying 73 creating eggs.

Pythons pose a significant menace to native wildlife within the state.

Researchers within the park monitor down breeding females by becoming male pythons with radio transmitters.

“The group tracked one of many sentinel males with the transmitter and located this huge feminine close by,” the park mentioned on Fb.

In addition to eradicating invasive snakes, Huge Cypress says it makes use of every discovery to gather knowledge for analysis, develop new removing instruments and learn the way pythons are utilizing the realm.

The Burmese python has been thought of an invasive species because it was first noticed in Florida’s Everglades within the 1980s.

The species is native to Asia however some pythons are believed to have been launched into the wild in Florida as overgrown pets, whereas others escaped from a breeding facility destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

The snakes haven’t any pure predators in Florida and the US Geological Survey (USGS) says they’ve contributed to “drastic declines” of midsized mammals.

Tens of hundreds of Burmese pythons are at the moment estimated to be residing in Florida’s Everglades.

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