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A Fatality is a brutal ending transfer that may be executed on the finish of a struggle in Mortal Kombat 11. This web page incorporates each recognized Fatality combo for all fighters within the MK11 roster throughout all platforms, together with PS4 and Xbox One.

This web page incorporates footage of graphic violence in Mortal Kombat 11 and might not be appropriate for all viewers.

In Mortal Kombat 11, a Fatality is an end-of-round transfer that may be carried out when the opponent’s well being has reached zero. This level, you will end the final assault or combo you had been performing, and can then have round 5 second to carry out a Fatality, Mercy, or let the spherical finish.

Every of the Characters has two Fatalities that you may carry out: one will already be listed in your transfer checklist, whereas one other’s button inputs will likely be locked till yow will discover it within the Krypt. Be aware: You do NOT should unlock a Fatality’s inputs with a view to carry out it – so long as you recognize the button inputs, there’s nothing to cease you.

Under is a desk of all fatality inputs for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Change – which have all been condensed into shorthand that you may view within the desk under. Learn extra concerning the fatalities (and see them in motion) additional down the web page.

video loading...Shorthand
Mortal Kombat Command
Entrance Punch (Sq. PS4, X Xbox, Y Change)
Again Punch (Triangle PS4, Y Xbox, X Change)
Entrance Kick (X PS4, A Xbox, B Change)
Again Kick (Circle PS4, B Xbox, A Change)
Fatality 1 (Vary)
Fatality 2 (Vary)
BarakaFood for Thought (Shut)
L, D, L, 2
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Shut)
L, R, L, 2
Cassie CageI Particular person Character Fatalities[edit]

Under are all the recognized Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11.


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Meals for Thought: Again, Down, Again, 2 (Shut Vary)
PS4:  Again, Down, Again, Triangle (Shut Vary)
Xbox:  Again, Down, Again, Y (Shut Vary)


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Phasing By way of Time: Again, Down, Down, three (mid-range)
PS4: Again, Down, Down, X (mid-range)
Xbox: Again, Down, Down, A (mid-range)


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Bow Earlier than Me: Down, Down, Proper, Down, four (Wherever)

Xbox: Down, Down, Proper, Down, B

PS4: Down, Down, Proper, Down, Circle

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Ballot Dance:Left, Proper, Down, Proper, 1 (Shut vary)

Xbox: Left, Proper, Down, Proper, X

PS4: Left, Proper, Down, Proper, Sq.


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Highway Rash: Proper, Left, Down, Left, three (Mid-range)

Xbox: Proper, Left, Down, Left, A

PS4: Proper, Left, Down, Left, X

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Hooked: Down, Down, Down, four (Shut vary)

Xbox: Down, Down, Down, B

PS4: Down, Down, Down, Circle


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Alternating Kurrent: Again, Down, Again, 1 (mid-range)
PS4: Again, Down, Again, Sq. (mid-range)
Xbox: Again, Down, Again, X (mid-range)


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You are Subsequent: Again, Down, Down, 1 (mid-range)
PS4: Again, Down, Down, Sq. (mid-range)
Xbox: Again, Down, Down, X (mid-range)

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Chain Response: Down, Ahead, Again, 2 (mid-range)
PS4: Down, Ahead, Again, Triangle (mid-range)
Xbox: Down, Ahead, Again, Y (mid-range)


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Bloody Mess: Again, Ahead, Down, three (mid-range)
PS4: Again, Ahead, Down, X (mid-range)
Xbox: Again, Ahead, Down, A (mid-range)

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Coronary heart Kondition: Down, Down, Again, four (mid-range)
PS4: Down, Down, Again, Circle (mid-range)
Xbox: Down, Down, Again, B (mid-range)

Sonya Blade[edit]

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To the Choppa: Down, Ahead, Again, 2
PS4: Down, Ahead, Again, Triangle
Xbox: Down, Ahead, Again, Y


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Ice-Cutioner: Ahead, Again, Ahead, 2 (mid-range)
PS4: Ahead, Again, Ahead, Triangle (mid-range)
Xbox: Ahead, Again, Ahead, Y (mid-range)

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Frozen in Time: Again, Down, Again, four (mid-range)
PS4: Again, Down, Again, Circle (mid-range)
Xbox: Again, Down, Again, B (mid-range)


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