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IGN’s Mortal Kombat 11 cheats and secrets and techniques information offers you the within scoop into each cheat, hidden code, useful glitch, exploit, and secret in Mortal Kombat 11.

Word that a few of these secrets and techniques could also be thought of spoilers for occasions that occur within the Krypt, or puzzles that may be solved.

In Mortal Kombat 11, there’s a new transfer that may be carried out on the finish of a match the place you’ll usually enter a Fatality. As a substitute, you possibly can carry out a button enter to spare the opponent and grant them again a little bit of well being to proceed the battle – that is referred to as a Mercy.


To carry out a Mercy, you need to stand at round mid vary out of your opponent in the course of the “End Him” part:

Maintain down the Left Set off Button for Flip Stance, after which press Down 3 times, earlier than letting go of the Left Set off.In Shorthand – L2 (Maintain), D, D, D, (Launch)

If finished accurately, a golden mild will fill the world because the opponent’s well being refills barely, and your character performs a small taunt earlier than the match resumes.

Mercies give the bottom quantity of factors of all of the Finishers (Solely 15ok per), however they can be utilized along side a Brutality or Fatality to provide you two finisher bonuses in a single match – making them nice for including up your tower rating.

Reptile within the Krypt[edit]

There is a hidden character lurking round The Krypt, and also you would possibly acknowledge him – if you’ll find him.

To seek out this character’s cameo, you may must progress to Goro’s Lair, and have at discovered not less than two Skeleton Keys – that are typically present in chests starting from 5,000 to 7,000 Koins.

When you attain Goro’s Eating Corridor, head up previous the principle desk as much as the left and use the primary Skeleton Key on the door to enter the Corridor of Struggling and dodge the blade traps down two corridors. When you make it previous the second set of traps, search for a small locked cell that seems to be empty. If you happen to use your Blindfold after opening the cell with the second Skeleton Key, you will see that that it has a weak wall resulting in a small cave.

MK Repitle1.jpg

Inside this cave you possibly can see the define of a nearly invisible statue of an odd beast. Actually, this statue is a reference to 1 seen within the 1995 Mortal Kombat film!


Interacting this statue will invoke a cutscene, and the chameleon fighter often known as Reptile will emerge from hiding after which run away. You may really now discover him at random areas inside the Krypt, however should use the Blindfold to find him.

MK REptile2.jpg

We have discovered him on the backside of the Blood Pit, or throughout the Blood Pit Bridge as soon as its been raised, within the ruined home under the Forge, and alongside a cave wall on the entrance to Goro’s Lair. You may hear him making noise periodically when you will have the blindfold on, which is without doubt one of the finest methods to find him.

MKScorpion Reptile.jpg

Discover him, and smash him with Shao Kahn’s Conflict Hammer, and he’ll explode – supplying you with a inexperienced Scorpion Character Pores and skin an 200 Soul Fragments besides!

It goes with out saying, however simply in case you missed out on this data – you needn’t buy Frost on the shop to play as her.

As a substitute, you want solely play the Story Mode by means of Chapter four, and after finishing the chapter, Frost will turn into a playable character within the roster – so do not waste your cash!



Apart from the same old finishers – Fatalities, Brutalities, and even Mercies, there’s one other secret finisher reserved for individuals who do not wish to play in on-line matches.

If an opposing participant disconnects in the course of the recreation (deliberately or unintentionally), that participant’s character will all of the sudden explode into bloody chunks, whereas the finisher “Quitality” will likely be displayed because the remaining character poses for the free win!

Let AI Do the Work for You[edit]


If getting previous a number of the harder Towers of Time appear to be a ache – however you really need a few of these completion rewards, you might wish to think about using an AI Fighter.

When choosing your character, there is a button to toggle an AI Fighter, and you may even set their battle methods as you see match, and equip Augments that additional enhance their talents.

AI Fighters aren’t any slouch – and whereas they do have a dampening rating modifier which may screw you out of efficiency rewards, they’re nice for letting you sit again and reap different rewards and attempt to take out irritating towers with their pc reflexes!

The Blood Pit Fighters[edit]

While you first enter the Blood Pit by the use of an elevator out of the southern a part of Goro’s Lair, you may see the physique of Ermac plunge from the skies above to get skewered on the numerous spikes of the Blood Pit.

MK BLoodPitNinja.jpg

Because it seems, he isn’t the one one. Stick round within the pits, and finally you might hear the telltale screams of one other sufferer falling to their loss of life – and can turn into impaled on a number of the spikes both close to the entrance, center, or again of the pits.

These fighters bear placing resemblance to a number of the early palette swaps of Scorpion and Raiden, sporting the basic gear in various colours like black, white, gray, and even purple – which might be name outs to characters like Rain and Smoke.

Courtyard Lava Rock Farming[edit]

MK LavaRock.jpg

After you’ve got begun to discover the Courtyard within the Krypt, and open the door again from the Warrior’s Shrine, you may begin to discover that giant meteors and lava rocks from the close by volcano will begin hitting the central courtyard.

These large hunks of rock will land each four or 5 minutes, and all the time strike someplace within the central courtyard. By smashing them together with your Conflict Hammer, you possibly can really accumulate free loot – starting from Forge Objects, Aguments, and foreign money that may embody a little bit of Koins, Soul Fragments, and even Hearts!

The Fragments of the One Being[edit]

While you arrive in Goro’s Lair within the decrease ranges of the Krypt, you may stumble throughout a door that wants three keys to open – the Coronary heart of the One Being, Soul of the One Being, and Spirit of the One Being.

The Krypt will not let you know learn how to get these things – an in reality they don’t seem to be even discovered within the Krypt in any respect. With the intention to get all three objects, you may want to finish “Finisher Challenges”. In any of the Towers – each Klassic Towers or Towers of Time, the sport will monitor what number of Fatalities, Brutalities, and Mercies you employ on opponents. By utilizing ten of every, you possibly can purchase all three objects to open the door to search out extra treasures.

The Cranium Kabobs[edit]

On the Warrior’s Shrine within the Courtyard of the Krypt, there’s a wall stuffed with pedestals with spikes, and faces of all of the characters in Mortal Kombat behind them.

Just like the Fragments of the One Being, you are not informed how this puzzle will be solved – they usually can solely be solved in fights outdoors the Krypt. In each Klassic Towers and the Towers of Time, the sport is monitoring every time you carry out a Fatality (different gamers declare Brutalities work too) on a selected character. Carry out 50 on particular character, and you will be awarded with their head to placed on a spike within the Krypt. This won’t solely unlock a chest under the spike, however extra on the Palace Entrance the place Shang Tsung’s Throne room is, and these chests often comprises new victory and taunts for sure characters.

Kombat SurvivorTower.jpg

The simplest approach to go about that is by way of a mode that permits you to carry out Fatalities shortly. This might be the Survivor Mode within the Klassic Towers, as you solely must battle one spherical with an opponent earlier than you possibly can carry out a finisher.

Kombat TowerSelect.jpg

To make issues even faster, set the problem to Very Straightforward, and decide a fighter with a easy finisher, like Erron Black’s Fatality (Down, Down, Down, 1) – and when you attain the second opponent, pause and hit “Tower Choose” to go again to the tower display to battle the identical first opponent. When you could swap out, simply go away the Klassic Towers and are available again to discover a new first opponent to repeat the method with.



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