Birds of Prey Film’s Victor Zsasz Defined: Who Is the Twisted Batman Villain?


He is a villain who likes to depart a mark.

One of many subsequent massive DC motion pictures hitting theaters is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), an ensemble superhero journey that includes an unlikely alliance between Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress and Cassandra Cain. This new crew will discover themselves going up towards no less than two main Batman villains – Black Masks and Victor Zsasz.

We have already taken a more in-depth have a look at Black Masks and his function in Gotham Metropolis’s underworld, in addition to the Birds of Prey themselves. However what about Victor Zsasz? The villain will probably be performed by Chris Messina within the upcoming movie, so here is every little thing it is advisable to find out about this homicidal maniac and why he simply will not cease killing.

Victor Zsasz Defined: The Fundamentals

Batman has fought loads of sadistic and deranged villains over the course of his profession, however few can boast a physique rely as excessive as Victor Zsasz’s. This villain has a single-minded preoccupation with homicide. He believes that life is meaningless and he is doing his victims a favor by releasing them from the burden of their very own existence.

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The one factor that offers Zsasz pleasure is taking lives and carving extra tally marks into his flesh. And at this level, his physique is roofed in scars.

Victor Zsasz’s Powers and Talents

Zsasz has no superhuman skills (until you rely that one time he briefly reworked right into a Man-Bat). Nevertheless, he is a particularly lethal opponent who’s been recognized to catch even Batman off-guard every now and then. Zsasz is way stronger than he appears to be like, as he tends to spend most of his jail time conditioning his physique and making ready for his subsequent killing spree. Zsasz prefers knives over all different weapons when doing his killing, and he is a lethal fighter at each shut and lengthy ranges.

Zsasz’s solely true weak point is his personal, deranged thoughts. He may be thrown for a loop if he is made to view his victims as people quite than disposable our bodies. He additionally has a pathological want to make sure that his tally marks correspond to the precise variety of lives he is claimed. As an illustration, Zsasz as soon as marked himself after believing he had murdered Alfred, and he turned obsessive about correcting his mistake when he discovered the reality.

Victor Zsasz: Origin and Background

Victor Zsasz was created by author Alan Grant and artist Norm Breyfogle and first appeared in 1992’s Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1 in a storyline referred to as Batman: The Final Arkham. In that story, Zsasz manages to brainwash Arkham Asylum’s new head, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, and sneak out each evening to proceed his killing spree. Batman is pressured to pretend his personal madness with a purpose to infiltrate the asylum and uncover the reality behind Zsasz’s actions.


It would not be till 1996’s Batman Chronicles #three that readers discovered Zsasz’s origin story. As that guide confirmed, Zsasz was as soon as a profitable and rich businessman who turned a persistent gambler after the deaths of his mother and father. Zsasz finally gambles away his whole fortune and practically commits suicide till he is attacked by a beggar. This assault awakens Zsasz to the notion that existence is meaningless, and he kills the beggar as a “reward” for opening his eyes. That beggar would turn into the primary of many lives Zsasz claimed.

Zsasz has gone on to play a recurring function within the Batman comics. Nevertheless, he tends to be a supporting character quite than the central villain of any given story. For instance, Zsasz was one among many villains Batman confronted throughout his extended conflict with Bane in Knightfall, and Zsasz resurfaced once more within the story No Man’s Land. Zsasz usually works as a employed killer for crime bosses like Penguin and Black Masks (therefore their relationship within the Birds of Prey film, little doubt).

Zsasz’s most up-to-date comedian guide look got here in 2017’s The Struggle of Jokes and Riddles, which chronicles an enormous, damaging gang conflict between Joker and Riddler that occurred throughout Batman’s second 12 months on the job.

Victor Zsasz: Past the Comics

Given the grotesque nature of his crimes, Zsasz does not have a tendency to seem within the extra family-friendly Batman motion pictures and TV sequence. He made his movie debut as a minor character in 2005’s Batman Begins (performed by Tim Sales space), the place he was proven being placed on trial for homicide after which escaped together with quite a few different convicts within the movie’s climax.

Zsasz has additionally performed a recurring function on the TV sequence Gotham (performed by Anthony Carrigan). That sequence has depicted Zsasz as an enforcer working first for Carmine Falcone after which for Oswald Cobblepot.

Zsasz has appeared in a number of DC video video games, together with Injustice 2, Batman: Darkish Tomorrow, and Batman: The Telltale Sequence. His most vital function has come within the Batman: Arkham Asylum sequence, showing as a boss character within the first sport and returning in each Arkham Metropolis and Arkham Knight.

Zsasz will once more seem in live-action type in 2020’s Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, this time performed by Chris Messina. On this movie, Zsasz reportedly works as a employed enforcer for Black Masks (Ewan McGregor).

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