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Prayer Beads are integral gadgets inside Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As soon as you have collected 4 of them, you’ll be able to improve each your vitality meter and posture meter at any Sculptor’s Idol, making them extraordinarily beneficial.

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They typically drop from Mini-Bosses however you may also discover them in different places. Here is the place yow will discover them in every space.

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After first dropping down into the Sunken Valley, kill a pair of riflemen and look as much as the left for a ledge to climb as much as the tip of the ravine main again to the Ashina Outskirts. Look among the many stone pyramid graves to discover a Prayer Bead.Beating Snake Eyes Shirafuji: Beat this Mini-Boss to obtain a Prayer BeadBeating Lengthy-arm Centipede Giraffe: Beat this Mini-Boss to obtain a Prayer BeadIn the Gun Fort Cave Shrine after beating the Mini-Boss, crawl below the flooring to discover a slender cave ravine, and grapple as much as a path on the correct to discover a ledge beneath the place a number of lesser Centipede assassins and Crawling Geckos are positioned – they guard a Prayer Bead. Defeat the Armored Warrior Mini-Boss guarding the bridge from the Shugendo to the Temple Grounds by knocking him over the sting. Defeat the Lengthy-Arm Centipede Sen’un within the constructing beneath the temple previous the Temple Grounds Sculptor’s Idol.


After defeating the Snake Eyes, enter the cave to the subsequent boss and look as much as the left for a path to grapple as much as. Crawl by way of the primary area after which look left once more to grapple up and wall-jump up a shaft to come back up behind a big statue – and discover the Prayer Bead on its head.


Defeat each the Headless Ape Boss and its mate to earn one Prayer Bead apiece Defeat Tojujiro the Glutton within the Hidden Forest to earn a Prayer Bead Defeat O’Rin of the Water previous the Water Mill within the Mibu Village to get a Prayer Bead Enter the Head Priest’s Temple previous the Water Mill by crawling below the home to discover a secret revolving door, and pass over the again to grapple up into the attic the place you will discover a Prayer Bead With the Mibu Respiration Method, dive into the pond by the Mibu Village to discover a treasure chest with a Prayer Bead.

The next Prayer Beads may be earned solely after returning to Ashina Fort upon getting the Mortal Blade, Lotus of the Palace, and Shelter Stone.

Defeat the Chained Ogre positioned beneath the Fort’s Antechamber on the bottom flooring. Defeat Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer positioned on the Nice Serpent Shrine on the fringe of the Sunken Valley. Defeat the Lone Shadow Vilehand that has taken up residence within the Ashina Fort’s Higher Tower Dojo to earn a Prayer Bead.

The next Prayer Beads are solely accessible after defeating Owl on the Ashina Fort (Nightfall), and embarking on the questline for the Purification Ending to unlock Hirata Property (Owl’s Reminiscence) by utilizing Father’s Bell Appeal.

Defeat Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer (the second time) the place you beforehand discovered Owl within the Hirata Property to earn a Prayer Bead. Defeat Juzou the Drunkard (the second time) together with the Lone Shadow, positioned in in Predominant Corridor the place you discovered him final to earn one other Prayer Bead. Defeat the Sakura Bull of the Palace after getting by way of the Mibu Manor and going left from the Flower Viewing Stage again round to the entrance of the manor. Defeat the Okami Chief Shizu who guards the Nice Sakura in the course of the Fountainhead Palace, which you have to assault from the again by going by way of Mibu Manor and the Flower Viewing Stage. Find an underwater chest within the massive canyon in the course of the lake beneath the Nice Sakura, close to the Headless and a big carp skeleton.




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