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Talent Identify
# of Ranks
One With Nature
Acquire Max Well being and Elemental Injury Resistance to your Motion Talent Component.
Rank 1 – Max Well being +5%, Elemental Injury Discount +12%
Private Area
Photographs deal Bonus Injury primarily based on distance to focus on – dealing extra harm when shut.
Rank 1 – as much as 11% bonus harm
Continuously regenerate well being, growing regeneration the decrease your well being is. Bonus is doubled after utilizing an Motion Talent.
Rank 1 – Well being Regen as much as +1% per second, Period: 5 seconds
Arms Deal
Deal elevated Splash Injury, and take Decreased Splash Injury.
Rank 1 – Splash Injury +three%, Splash Injury Discount +three%
Root to Rise
Acquire elevated Max Well being
Rank 1 – Max Well being +5%
Serving to Hand(s)
After utilizing Motion Talent, Amara’s arms stay lively and grant Injury Discount.
Rank 1 – Injury Discount +four%, Period eight sec
Blight Tiger (Motion Talent Component)

Converts Amara’s Motion Talent to Corrosive Injury. This doesn’t take impact till after Amara makes use of her Motion Talent.
Fracture (Motion Talent)

Amara summons a Handful of Fists that erupt from the bottom, dealing harm in entrance of Amara.
Injury 124, Cooldown 26 sec
When taking harm, achieve a Stack of Mindfulness. For each Stack, achieve improved Defend Regeneration Delay and Motion Velocity. Stacks decay shortly.
Rank 1 – Motion Velocity +1.four%, Defend Regeneration Delay -2.5%, 25 Max Mindfulness Stacks, Period 5 sec
Discover Your Heart
Acquire elevated Melee Injury. After utilizing Motion Talent, achieve elevated Melee Vary.
Rank 1 – Melee Injury +22%, Melee Vary +50%, Period eight sec
Killing an enemy with an Motion Talent grants all allies elevated Motion Velocity, and may be stacked.
Rank 1 – Group Motion Velocity +2%, Period eight sec
Revelation (Motion Talent Increase)

Amara’s Motion Talent now creates a Nova when it damages enemies, dealing harm to all close by enemies.
Nova Injury 41, Motion Talent Injury -15%
Downfall (Motion Talent)

Amara leaps into the air and shoots an Elemental Beam under her, adopted by a Slam.
Injury 141, Beam Injury 21 per sec, Cooldown 36 sec
When dealing harm to an enemy with Motion Abilities, provides a Stack of Samsara. Each stack beneficial properties elevated Gun Injury and Well being Regeneration. Stacks decay shortly.
Rank 1 – Gun Injury +2% per enemy, Well being Regen +1% of Max Well being per stack, 25 Max Samsara Stacks, Period eight sec
Do Unto Others
Upon taking harm, mechanically throw an Vitality Orb again at enemy, dealing Motion Talent Elemental Injury.
Rank 1 – Projectile Injury 17, Cooldown eight sec
Jab Cross
When dealing melee harm to an enemy, achieve elevated Motion Talent Injury and elevated Weapon Injury.
Rank 1 – Weapon Injury +10%, Motion Talent Injury +11%, Period 20 sec
Guardian Angel
Upon getting into Struggle For Your Life, achieve fast Second Wind that restores well being, and creates an Motion Talent Elemental Nova that knocks again enemies.
Rank 1 – Max Well being Restored 100% of Max Well being, Cooldown 60 sec
Glamour (Motion Talent Increase)

Enemies broken by Amara’s Motion Talent turn into confused and assault their allies, however Motion Talent Cooldown is elevated. If enemies are goal of Phasegrasp, close by enemies turn into confused.
Injury -60%, Confuse Period 6 sec, Cooldown +20%
Press in on Proper Stick for Melee Override, dashing a brief distance ahead to carry out a particular melee strike dealing Elemental Melee Injury. Cooldown immediately resets if enemy is killed by Blitz.
Rank 1 – Cooldown 10 sec

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