15 Disappointing Video Sport Endings


What would make your record?

Did Sport of Thrones’ ending drive you loopy? What about Misplaced’s? The Sopranos’? Or, transferring away from TV for a second, what a couple of online game the place you have invested dozens upon dozens of hours of your time, turn into deeply invested in its lore and characters, solely to find its ending has the consistency of a moist fart?

Right here, we have rounded up among the IGN workers’s most hated online game endings. Take notice, not all of those are 100% critical, and be at liberty to inform us why we’re incorrect within the remark part beneath!


As fulfilling because the loot system might need been within the authentic Borderlands sport, you spent all the marketing campaign studying a couple of vault stuffed with wondrous treasure and alien know-how. By the top of it, you study there was solely an enormous tentacle monster hoarding… nothing.

Your complete journey was about buying the riches of an alien stockpile and turning into an final badass. Certain, we killed the massive previous alien squid and couldn’t have felt extra badass whereas doing it, however it nonetheless stays an utter disappointment when this monster with no prior narrative tease bursts out of a tantalizing portal to a supposed dimension of loot and rewards you with a credit roll. – Brian Malkiewicz

Batman: Arkham Asylum

As a lifelong, intense Batman fan, the concept of scrapping all the Batman/Joker dynamic for a foolish brawl appeared to flush a long time of character growth between the 2 down the bathroom. The Joker’s complete schtick is attempting to outsmart Batman within the funhouse he’s spent so lengthy getting ready!

On prime of that, the Joker has watched Batman defeat monstrous enemies with fight expertise all through this complete sport, whereas he seemingly has no martial coaching. It’s simply not the Joker’s fashion. This second fell so flat in my first expertise that I actually groaned out loud when it materialized. It trades a beautiful historical past between two iconic characters for a generic online game boss struggle. – John Borba

Halo 2

The long-awaited Halo sequel did virtually every little thing proper, however concluding its “the battle with the Covenant involves Earth” storyline isn’t one in all them.

Halo 2, in all honesty, doesn’t actually finish a lot because it simply stops. After shocking gamers with a Raiden-esque swap to a second participant character, the Arbiter, Halo 2 bounces forwards and backwards between the Covenant anti-hero and the Grasp Chief. However after taking down Tartarus, a glorified Brute mini-boss, a cutscene sees Grasp Chief return to Earth’s orbit, together with his commanding officer asking him what he’s doing. “Sir,” Spartan-117 says, “Ending this struggle.” And all of us thought, “Sure! Right here we go – the climactic battle on Earth that the sport has been constructing as much as! That is going to be superior!” However as an alternative, Halo 2 fades to black and rolls credit, leaving us hanging for 3 years till Halo three arrived. – Ryan McCaffrey

New Tremendous Mario Bros Wii

I do know what you’re pondering. How might I be disenchanted on the ending of a Tremendous Mario Bros sport? The purpose is, in fact, to avoid wasting the Princess from Bowser on the final fort. However, have you ever ever beat the sport as Luigi? I’ve. My good friend and I have been taking part in New Tremendous Mario Bros Wii in co-op mode as Mario and Luigi.

We have been within the final fort, preventing Bowser, and my good friend misplaced all his lives as Mario. It was as much as me as Luigi to kick Bowser’s butt, and I did. However, you wish to know why I’m peeved? The top sport scene begins up, Mario and Luigi are there, and this scorching air balloon in order that we are able to get out of dodge. Princess Peach runs as much as Mario they usually each get on the new air balloon and fly away, leaving Luigi behind. I don’t even keep in mind in the event that they waved goodbye. ‘You’re welcome’ would have been good. – Khalilah Alston

Steel Gear Stable V: The Phantom Ache

The story of Steel Gear is close to the highest of my favorites for any online game sequence. And whereas I didn’t hate MGSV’s twist as a lot as most individuals, I used to be severely disenchanted by what wasn’t included within the last sport as a consequence of Kojima’s early departure from Konami.

The ultimate heel-turn for Massive Boss didn’t have sufficient time to breathe, and younger Liquid Snake’s rebellion solely occurred in behind-the-scenes storyboards after the sport was launched. – Ronny Barrier

Far Cry four & 5

The Far Cry video games normally have large tales and large open worlds to discover. However for some cause, Far Cry four and 5 don’t have that. It’s bizarre. In Far Cry four, proper originally of that sport, after consuming with the primary villain Pagan Min, he tells you to attend. So I did, after which the sport ended.

Similar with Far Cry 5. The cops inform you to arrest Joseph Seed, however I didn’t suppose it was a good suggestion, so I didn’t. However it didn’t matter, as a result of we simply left and the sport ended anyway. Why did they even put large maps in these video games for those who by no means get to discover them? 60 for 10-minute video games. What a waste. – Mark Medina

Prince of Persia (2008)

The standalone Prince of Persia with the attractive artwork fashion had a fairly intriguing story to maintain you going. As an alternative of unleashing the sands of time, you and a mysterious princess named Elika journey round an contaminated kingdom to slowly root out the corruption of an evil god. Alongside the way in which you study that the princess really died as soon as, and her father bought his soul to carry her again to life – corrupting him within the course of. So after your complete journey of sealing away the corruption, you and the princess return to the place it began, and Elika finally makes use of all of her energy to seal the darkish god away, killing herself within the course of.

So what does the eponymous prince do? He marches exterior and undoes every little thing you’ve completed over the course of the sport in order that he can carry the princess again to life. Once more. At the price of unleashing the darkish god. Once more. That’s it. That’s the sport. (Ubisoft finally launched an epilogue DLC, however at that time the harm was already completed). – Brendan Graeber

Last Fantasy X

I like Last Fantasy X. This sport broke my thoughts when it got here out. I by no means knew an RPG could possibly be like this. From the voice performing to the addicting Blitzball mini-game, FFX appeared to have every little thing going for it till the top. Tidus and Dad have been bodily manifestations of goals created by the Fayth… you spent 60+ hours with this man and he wasn’t actual.

He and Jecht have been simply dream boyz. It’s just like the ending of Dallas if you discover out it was all a dream and Patrick Duffy pops out of the bathe however as an alternative of not being useless, Tidus leaves Yuna and jumps into some dumb clouds. I’m nonetheless upset. – Michael Huynh

Mass Impact three

It’s the one we’ve all been ready for, the ending most of us like to hate: Mass Impact three. You’ve been taking part in for, I’m guessing almost 180 hours. Possibly you cured the genophage? Possibly you figured the Krogan have been simply an excessive amount of of a legal responsibility for the universe to bear. You smoothed issues over with the Geth… or maybe not. You both freed the Rachni Queen otherwise you dedicated bug genocide. You saved Ashley otherwise you saved Kaiden (Simply kidding. After all you save Ashley. Kaiden is the worst.)

Ultimately, none of it issues; You decide your favourite coloration, the relays blow up, every little thing roughly begins over, and Joker does or doesn’t get to maintain his robotic girlfriend. All of these selections you agonized over, all of the character growth, the romances, the political drama, it’s all decreased to blue, inexperienced, or pink.

I’ll say this although: isn’t that sort of on par with the way in which issues are in actuality? What in regards to the universe we occupy now would ever lead you to consider that the day-to-day selections of any man or girl would matter, actually, on a common scale? It’s a bitter capsule to swallow, however not often has any type of media this large and this dense ever totally delivered on its expectations in the long run. Possibly Mass Impact was by no means in regards to the coloration of your ending, however in regards to the journey all of us took to get there? That’s what I inform myself, no less than. – Jeremy Azevedo

Murderer’s Creed three

I received’t lie, the unusual tie-in between Murderer’s Creed’s visions of the previous and the way in which it heralded a dire warning for the current had me hooked (Keep in mind once we have been all speculated to die in 2012? Good instances). And the way about that ending in AC2 the place you fist struggle the pope and a mysterious hologram woman begins addressing you instantly? So cool! So you’ll be able to see why my expectations have been excessive going into Murderer’s Creed three. Sadly, each Connor and Desmond’s story ended AC3 with a whimper, not a bang.

As an alternative of an epic showdown, Connor winds up having a bunch of picket planks fall on him, earlier than lazily taking pictures his nemesis, after which embarking on the world’s most sluggish chase … to a bar. You then get to share a beer earlier than stabbing your mortal enemy, as a result of positive, why not.

Again to the current time, Desmond lastly finds out his singular objective: to both save the earth from a photo voltaic flare and near-extinction by pushing a button, or let the world burn and lead what’s left of humanity and begin once more. So, in fact, he sacrifices himself, and future titles aren’t actually positive what to do with the present-time sequences… however possibly that’s a blessing in disguise? – Brendan Graeber

Fallout three

Bethesda likes to make meaty open worlds simply begging to be explored, and Fallout three, their first tackle the Fallout franchise, was no exception. Nevertheless, for those who determined to deal with the primary story earlier than exploring the remainder of the Capital Wasteland, you met a reasonably abrupt finish. After your dad (Liam Neeson) floods an important room with radiation to cease the dangerous guys, you study that so as to make issues proper, the participant should sacrifice himself by getting into the radioactive room to carry life again to the wasteland.


For all the alternatives introduced to you over the course of your journey – this was one job you couldn’t select how you can remedy (apparently all of the Rad-X on this planet can’t prevent). After which the sport ends. Should you didn’t save proper earlier than taking up that last quest – too dangerous! Certain hope you noticed your fill of the D.C. space and did all these neat facet quests!

Fortunately, Bethesda rectified this error with their Damaged Metal DLC, permitting the participant to miraculously get up after ending the primary quest. Even Fallout four’s ending – for all its faults – properly allow you to preserve adventuring after finishing your primary story.  – Brendan Graeber

Karnov (NES)

I do not know why I anticipated something out of the ending of Karnov. The titular character is a Soviet strongman and his motivation for preventing dinosaurs and punching skeletons is to retrieve the Misplaced Treasure of Babylon. The sport had some first rate graphics for the time, and I spent all the weekend after I rented it working my option to the top. With the evil dragon defeated, I braced myself for a rewarding “cinema scene,” maybe exhibiting the fire-chucking strongman gazing with wide-eyed marvel as he peered into the golden glow of the Misplaced Treasure of Babylon. No such factor occurs.

Instantly after beating the ultimate boss, the display screen goes black and the phrases “CONGRATULATIONS!! THE END” seem on the display screen whereas Russian circus music performs on a steady and mocking loop. Some say the misplaced treasure was the enjoyable we had alongside the way in which however that’s bullshit. – Seth Macy

No Man’s Sky

It’s bizarre to incorporate a sport that technically shouldn’t have an ending, for the reason that complete level of No Man’s Sky is to simply discover, and survive. As an alternative, HelloGames put a light-weight on the finish of the tunnel by telling you on-screen how far you have been from the middle. After spending days of playtime hyper-jumping to achieve the middle. You then uncover it was fully all for nothing.

The sport performs music for a couple of minute, after which teleports you to a brand new galaxy, and the sport basically begins over. No revelations. No rewards. All you’re left with is a bunch of damaged tech and a maddening realization that you simply simply wasted lots of time. – Mark Medina 

Far Cry 5 (Critically, This Time)

Okay, however for actual, Far Cry 5’s precise ending is likely one of the most unsatisfying conclusions to a online game that I’ve ever performed. You play via all the sport liberating Hope County from the clutches of this evil cult, after which if you lastly get to the pinnacle of the cult, Joseph Seed, you’re once more given two choices: Arrest him or let him go free. Neither selection actually makes a distinction although, as a result of it’s a nasty finish both manner.

Should you let him go, you drive away and presumably homicide your pals after being triggered by the music on the radio; and for those who arrest him, a nuke goes off murdering everybody however you and Joseph Seed. Whichever you select, it sort of makes you marvel, what was the purpose of every little thing you probably did within the sport as much as that time, if each endings nonetheless result in the villain successful in the long run. – Mitchell Saltzman

What sport ending actually floor your gears? Tell us within the feedback!

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